How To Avoid Having Your Password Hacked

I realize this is normally where you come for all the latest news on marketing and advertising, but we’re ALL people, right and we ALL use passwords and none of us want to be hacked, right?

Hacking, be it in the form of the now-infamous News Corp phone hacking scandal or online hacking, there is no doubt that hacking is on the rise with one publication calling 2010 ‘the year of the hacker.’ A recent PBS special revealed that the Pentagon receives over six million hacking and security threats a day and that some of departments, such as the Department of Energy, also suffer from vulnerabilities with their online security.


And one of the most hacked bits of personal information are our passwords. We all have them, we all use them, we all take them for granted. And what’s perhaps most troubling is when you Google the term “how to hack a password” you get back in return over 67 million hits, at least I did.. and that’s just plain nuts.


But thanks to a company called Zone-alarm, an Internet security firm, we know how to avoid the most common and dangerous passwords. Here’s a tremendous infographic which provides tips and other ways to keep your password safe from hackers.