HTML5: What It Is, And More Importantly, What It Isn’t

HTML5’s early adoption by movers and shakers in the desktop browsers and mobile device market have stirred a lot of excitement, as well as occasional confusion for non-developers and programmers. This article provides some analogies to help better understand the changes with this latest version of HTML and to clarify common misconceptions as to how it impacts the web. Read more…

HTML5: What It Is, And More Importantly, What It Isn't

HTML5 is a newer version of the existing HTML markup language. Its early adoption by movers and shakers in the desktop browsers and mobile device market have stirred a lot of excitement, as well as occasional confusion for non-developers and programmers. Below are some analogies to help better understand the changes with this latest version of HTML and to clarify common misconceptions as to how it impacts the web.

The release of HTML5 is analogous to Webster’s releasing an updated version of a dictionary with the addition of new words. In most instances, the use of HTML5 tags may change the delivery method, but does not visibly change the end user’s experience; the overall message or content being delivered remains the same.

Much of the additional vocabulary introduced by HTML5 is commonly used already, but will allow developers to more efficiently:

  • Identify segments of a website for search engine parsing including header, navigation, and footer elements, sections and articles
  • Embed rich media content including videos and audios with more widely accepted formats.

HTML5 also introduces new methods of integrating client-side storage to streamline calls to the web server and associated databases, usually by syncing frequently accessed information locally on a user’s computer or phone. For mobile apps, this allows minimizing data transfers avoiding excess data usage and throttling from service providers.

HTML5: What It Is, And More Importantly, What It Isn't

Although many web browsers and mobile devices have begun to adopt and support HTML5, there are several that are incompatible and may have issues displaying various HTML5 elements. Browsers that currently offer limited support of HTML5 include:

  • Internet Explorer 9+ (available for MS Windows versions 7 and greater only)
  • Firefox 5+
  • Chrome 12+
  • Safari 5.0+
  • Opera 10.6+
  • iOS Safari 3.2+
  • Opera Mini 5.0+
  • Opera Mobile 10.0+
  • Android Browser 3.0+

The website provides great compatibility tables for identifying which browsers support different HTML5, CSS3, and other newer proposed web encoding tags and features.

Just as users of Microsoft Office versions 2003 and older cannot readily open files created in Office 2007 and higher, and graphic designers using Adobe Creative Suite 3 cannot open files created in CS5, not all end-users will be able to view a website encoded with HTML5. As a result, web developers need to add additional code (in CSS and JavaScript) for backwards compatibility and cross-browser compatibility. While there are some functions and snippets of code that already exist for common compatibility concerns, more often than not, they will still need to be “tweaked” by developers for each individual website.

In the end, here are a few questions to consider when deciding if your site should be fully coded in older versions of HTML4 or in HTML5:

html 5

Does it really matter if your package is delivered by a Fed-Ex or UPS truck that runs on biodiesel, electricity, or gasoline? The newer technologies still often utilize a reserve of older proven techniques. (Hybrid vehicles still have a reserve tank).

Do you want a high-def or 3-D television? While 3-D tvs may be all the hype, they are still fairly new to the market and have their glitches. The HTML5 standard may already be supported by a wide variety of browsers, but has yet to be formally ratified and accepted as the new language for encoding web-pages.

Should I serve a traditional turkey, tofurkey, or turducken to at my Thanksgiving party? Hopefully, you’ll serve what the you AND the majority of your guests would enjoy. In regards to HTML5, ask yourself what browser or mobile device platform does the majority of your target audience use?

HTML5 is not a phenomenal new technology that replaces content delivery platforms and content management systems. It does not “enhance” images or videos as viewed by the end user. It is not a drawing and illustration tool like Adobe Illustrator, MS Paint, or Google Sketchup. It does not necessarily provide a better user experience for end-users and visitors of websites, as much as it provides a better experience for the developers and authors of websites.

HTML5: What It Is, And More Importantly, What It Isn't

In summary, until the HTML5 standard has been ratified and fully adopted, developers need to help their clients understand that features of HTML5 should be incorporated only when appropriate and applicable. Content management systems like Drupal and WordPress have themes that utilize the more supported tags and will continue to work in conjunction with web standards such as HTML5 and CSS3. Many developers, including the team at Star Group, are already making use of HTML5 as deemed feasible, and eagerly await reaching final consensus and adoption of the standard.


When DJ Tap.10 dropped his Champagne Soul mix in 2011, he was introducing a sub-genre that he and his Honor Roll brethren had diagnosed years earlier. The 80s R&B that fit the bill is characterized by the smooth synthed-out romance of acts like Surface, Mtume, Midnight Star and Loose Ends. Even if some of those names don’t ring a bell, chances are you’ve heard a lot of these tunes.


These joints hearken back to a romanticized era of big cars, nice suits, and two stepping in well-appointed lounges while bubbly pours and men pine for alluring women. Although this genre didn’t outlive the Reagan administration, traces of its influence still crop up over time. To offer a local example, Oakland R&B duo Christión invoked this sound and imagery with the song and video for their 1996 hit “Full of Smoke.”

Fast-forward almost twenty more years and the Bay Area’s young Honor Roll Crew has not only discovered and named the genre, they’ve graduated from purveyors to producers of Champagne Soul. The Trackademicks-helmed project inspired by this music is called The Champagne Room and has been in the works for quite some time. Tapping long time collaborators Teedra Moses, Phonte, Joyo Velarde and the crew’s resident crooner 1-O.A.K., Tracks has created something that is at once futuristic and homage to the past.


The purely instrumental “El Dorado Nights” sounds like it could have been produced in 1983, while the majority of the project – including current favorite “What’s Wrong?” – incorporates Trackademicks’s more contemporary sensibilities. The goal wasn’t to make a purely throwback project but to propel these sonics into the 21st century and stay true to the crew’s roots at the same time. As Tap.10 recently told the SF Weekly, “It’s important to maintain your own sound and not follow trends.” It doesn’t hurt to set them either.

10 More Everyday Household Tips

10 More Everyday Household Tips Do you know the song Rainy Days and Mondays always bring me down? Do Mondays bring YOU down?

I actually like Mondays. The kids are back at school… New week full of possibilities just started and Monday is also a Tips and Ideas Day here on Daily Organized Chaos.

household tips

I love learning new tips on saving money or making chores easier. I love tips on cleaning and organizing…..I just LOVE tips…Period.

Every Monday I like to share my new and old household tips, kitchen tips, cooking tips or any other tips and ideas that will make all of our lives easier.

Today I want to share with you 10 simple yet helpful everyday household tips:

#1 Why pay extra for special flavored coffee? Add few teaspoons of cocoa or cinnamon to your coffee grinds and make your very own special blend.

#2 Need breadcrumbs and there’s none in your cupboard? Just put slices of bread on a plate and microwave for a few minutes. Check and turn the slices every minute till they are nice and crisp. Crush with rolling pin.

#3 You can never find a pen or pencil on the bottom of your purse? Use ordinary toothbrush holder to store them in.

#4 Time to order take-out and you can’t find your menus? Keep them all in a large envelope or file holder glued to the inside of your phone book.

#5 Getting meals and snacks ready for the following week? Add some food coloring to the water when boiling your eggs so your kids can tell them apart.

10 More Everyday Household Tips

#6 Your old flannel sheets became hard and scratchy? Don’t throw them away yet. Try to add little bit of olive oil to the load next time you wash them. The olive oil will make them soft again.

#7 To prevent dust from flying around when vacuuming save that chore for rainy day. The humidity helps the dust from flying around.

#8 Is your bathroom mirror covered with sticky hair spray spots? It’s easy to clean it. Just put little bit of rubbing alcohol on a cloth and wipe it off.

#9 The weather is drying up your hands and you don’t want to spend money on expensive hand soaks? Get a bowl with warm water and add little bit of your hair conditioner. Luxurious soak in minutes.

#10 Your child was making a project and somehow spilled some non washable glue? Don’t worry just dip a cloth in vegetable oil and give it a good wipe.

Do you have any everyday household tips to add to my list?

Let me know. I would love to try them and include them in my next Everyday Household Tips post.

Don’t Fear Consumer Satisfaction Surveys

A recent study reveals businesses should not fear asking their customers as over 50% of those who complete surveys do so to share a positive experience.

Are you a business owner? Are you afraid to ask your customer what they think?

Don’t be…

A survey recently conducted by Chadwick Martin Bailey, a custom market research firm, found that over 1/4 of U.S. consumers have completed a customer satisfaction survey in the last twelve months and that most completed them because they have the company’s best interest at heart.

Some more of the survey findings…

57% fill out customer satisfaction surveys to share a good experience
50% do so to improve the company
60% of women participate in customer satisfaction surveys to share a good experience compared to…
52% of men who do the same thing
53% of men fill out the survey to improve the company compared to 47% of women
But the biggest disparity among gender lies in enticement as 50% of women participate to receive a discount compared to 40% of men.

The survey also helped to bust a longstanding myth that people ONLY respond to satisfaction surveys if they had a bad experience as the research showed:

81% respond to surveys whether their experience was bad or good
4% said they respond when they have had a bad experience
13% said they respond when they have had a good experience
Jeff McKenna, senior consultant and director of customer satisfaction solutions at Chadwick Martin Bailey summed it all up quite nicely…

“Our research shows that companies currently managing customer satisfaction or ‘Voice of the Customer’ programs have a huge opportunity to cultivate and nurture key customers. Overall, they are showing devotion to a company and, at the very least, companies should be thanking the customers who provide insightful comments, whether they are problems or praises.”

So, don’t fear the Consumer Satisfaction Survey! Embrace them. Use them as a learning tool. Use them as a means to engage your customer.

A Guide To Using The Bulking Stack

A Guide To Using The Bulking Stack

If you are looking for ways in order for you to get the bulk of muscle that you want for your body, whether it be for body-building or strongman purposes, we may be tempted to inject ourselves with steroids. While these really do guarantee that you get sculpted muscles, of course, paired with proper diet and exercise, it also has consequences that may outweigh the pros. For a healthier alternative, and for you to get good crazy bulk results that you’d love to see, then make use of a bulking stack by CrazyBulk.

It’s a set of 4 different supplements that target the various muscle-building mechanisms of the body, and you need a proper guide for this and hence, it also comes with a Bulking Guide. The stack is good for 4 weeks at a time, and hence it’s not really going to be that expensive on your part as you would be using these for more than a month, which is a long period of time. With that said, below are some things you need to know about the products you’d be having.


If you want great strength, then having the right amount of testosterone in the body is what you need. The Testo-Max is something you take in the morning, which helps boost the levels of testosterone in your body, which would eventually make you perform better with each workout routine, and of course be able to gain muscle mass fast.

Pre-Workout Supplements

There would be three different pre-workout supplements that you need to take prior to working out, and this includes D-Bal, DecaDuro, and Trenerol. Collectively, these supplements allow you to increase metabolism speed for more energy, and for you to be able to do more with every workout session, as you become even more supercharged.