Great Beer Gifts Ideas For Craft Brew Aficionado Friends

Do you have a craft beer connoisseur friend whose birthday is coming up? Are you having a hard time thinking what a beer enthusiast likes for a gift that is related to their passion? If all your answers are all yes, then you came to the right place.

Listed below are the best gift ideas for a craft beer enthusiast that will surely be appreciated by every beer lover:

uKeg 128 oz Pressurized Growler for Craft Beer – Copper

This pressurized growler is intended to maintain the coldness and freshness of craft beer. The vintage design is also very stylish with its copper looking case. Additionally, it comes with its own tap, adding to its charm. Priced at $229, this mini keg will surely be loved by beer connoisseur due to its great design and ability to keep any beer carbonated for as long as 2 weeks.

Beer Foamer

The device is created by Norm Architect, a Danish studio. It is created with the best glass that is shatter resistant and can create the best foam in seconds. This accessory will make recreate an authentic bar experience by creating foam out of craft beers. It is powered with a battery, meaning you can take it even in places where you have no access to sockets.

Here is the link where you can order the Beer Foamer.

Beer Bible

This book is the bastion of beer knowledge, making it one of the best geschenkideen für freund who are addicted to beers. It contains facts about the various type of beers, the history and culture surrounding beer, and anything that is about beers. It is basically an encyclopedia of beer knowledge. That alone will surely amaze beer connoisseurs, as this book is entertaining while remaining informative.

The Beer Bible by Jeff Alworth is available on Amazon for $14 for the paperback version and $10 for the Kindle e-book version. Order yours here. The paperback version is recommended when the book is intended to be given as a book because a book is a tangible object compared to ebooks.

Beer can insulator

Enjoying a beer in a hot summer season can be hard, especially if you are outdoors. This beer can insulator is a good remedy to the cold-removing effects of the hot weather, making it a good gift ideas for friend who loves drinking beer. It can keep their precious craft beer cold for hours.

Aside from that, beer can insulator can also be used with not just beer but with other beverages as well. Additionally, it is also effective on hot drinks, making it a very versatile gift. Click here to order a beer can insulator now.

Shower beer holder

If your beer connoisseur friend brings their beer whenever they may go, then this beer holder is a great idea that will surely brighten up their mood. It is designed to be installed on a shower, meaning they can still enjoy their beer while taking a bath.