10 More Everyday Household Tips

10 More Everyday Household Tips

10 More Everyday Household Tips Do you know the song Rainy Days and Mondays always bring me down? Do Mondays bring YOU down?

I actually like Mondays. The kids are back at school… New week full of possibilities just started and Monday is also a Tips and Ideas Day here on Daily Organized Chaos.

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I love learning new tips on saving money or making chores easier. I love tips on cleaning and organizing…..I just LOVE tips…Period.

Every Monday I like to share my new and old household tips, kitchen tips, cooking tips or any other tips and ideas that will make all of our lives easier.

Today I want to share with you 10 simple yet helpful everyday household tips:

#1 Why pay extra for special flavored coffee? Add few teaspoons of cocoa or cinnamon to your coffee grinds and make your very own special blend.

#2 Need breadcrumbs and there’s none in your cupboard? Just put slices of bread on a plate and microwave for a few minutes. Check and turn the slices every minute till they are nice and crisp. Crush with rolling pin.

#3 You can never find a pen or pencil on the bottom of your purse? Use ordinary toothbrush holder to store them in.

#4 Time to order take-out and you can’t find your menus? Keep them all in a large envelope or file holder glued to the inside of your phone book.

#5 Getting meals and snacks ready for the following week? Add some food coloring to the water when boiling your eggs so your kids can tell them apart.

10 More Everyday Household Tips

#6 Your old flannel sheets became hard and scratchy? Don’t throw them away yet. Try to add little bit of olive oil to the load next time you wash them. The olive oil will make them soft again.

#7 To prevent dust from flying around when vacuuming save that chore for rainy day. The humidity helps the dust from flying around.

#8 Is your bathroom mirror covered with sticky hair spray spots? It’s easy to clean it. Just put little bit of rubbing alcohol on a cloth and wipe it off.

#9 The weather is drying up your hands and you don’t want to spend money on expensive hand soaks? Get a bowl with warm water and add little bit of your hair conditioner. Luxurious soak in minutes.

#10 Your child was making a project and somehow spilled some non washable glue? Don’t worry just dip a cloth in vegetable oil and give it a good wipe.

Do you have any everyday household tips to add to my list?

Let me know. I would love to try them and include them in my next Everyday Household Tips post.