Don’t Fear Consumer Satisfaction Surveys

A recent study reveals businesses should not fear asking their customers as over 50% of those who complete surveys do so to share a positive experience.

Are you a business owner? Are you afraid to ask your customer what they think?

Don’t be…

A survey recently conducted by Chadwick Martin Bailey, a custom market research firm, found that over 1/4 of U.S. consumers have completed a customer satisfaction survey in the last twelve months and that most completed them because they have the company’s best interest at heart.

Some more of the survey findings…

57% fill out customer satisfaction surveys to share a good experience
50% do so to improve the company
60% of women participate in customer satisfaction surveys to share a good experience compared to…
52% of men who do the same thing
53% of men fill out the survey to improve the company compared to 47% of women
But the biggest disparity among gender lies in enticement as 50% of women participate to receive a discount compared to 40% of men.

The survey also helped to bust a longstanding myth that people ONLY respond to satisfaction surveys if they had a bad experience as the research showed:

81% respond to surveys whether their experience was bad or good
4% said they respond when they have had a bad experience
13% said they respond when they have had a good experience
Jeff McKenna, senior consultant and director of customer satisfaction solutions at Chadwick Martin Bailey summed it all up quite nicely…

“Our research shows that companies currently managing customer satisfaction or ‘Voice of the Customer’ programs have a huge opportunity to cultivate and nurture key customers. Overall, they are showing devotion to a company and, at the very least, companies should be thanking the customers who provide insightful comments, whether they are problems or praises.”

So, don’t fear the Consumer Satisfaction Survey! Embrace them. Use them as a learning tool. Use them as a means to engage your customer.