Heavy Weights And Bodybuilding Workout Programs

It seems that these days, a lot of supposed training “gurus” are claiming that bodybuilding workout programs don’t need heavy weights. They say that training light and fast is better than lifting big poundages. While you certainly need to back off the heavy weights every once in a while, this advice is total bull! The best legal steroids on the market are offering many benefits to the people. There is high weight available in the muscle. The heavy weight in the muscle is possible for the people. The building of the body is possible for the people to have desired results.

You can find out now exactly how to train, eat, and supplement for maximum muscle growth and strength, or you can read on and learn the 3 most important reasons for keeping heavy weights in your bodybuilding workout programs.

  1. Strength Builds Muscle

I don’t care what any self-proclaimed expert says, a stronger muscle is a bigger muscle, period, and your bodybuilding workout programs need to take this into account. There’s this misconception rampant among people that lift weights that you can either train “for strength” or “for size” but not both.

Does this really make any sense? Do you think you’re ever going to see someone who can squat 500 pounds, bench 400 pounds, and deadlift 600 pounds that’s not really big and muscular? No! You need strength to build muscle, and you need heavy weights to build strength, so keep them in your bodybuilding workout programs.

  1. Heavy Weights Build “Tone”

First of all, you need to know that there is really no such thing as “toning” a muscle versus building a muscle. You can either build a muscle, or you can lose fat around that muscle to make it look more defined. Doing higher reps to “tone” is pointless, and the people that do so in their bodybuilding workout programs are working against their own progress.

That having been said, you CAN train in a certain way to make your muscle look denser and “more toned” even when you’re not in the gym. If you lift very heavy, challenging weights regularly, your muscles will tend to be more flexed, even when you’re not trying. The guys that have that thick, dense, “toned” look are usually the ones lifting the heaviest weights!

  1. Training Heavy is Fun

I don’t care how “hardcore” you think you are, you are not going to give your all to bodybuilding workout programs if they are boring and repetitive. If you go with a training program that includes only light and moderate weights, a quick pace, and little progression, you are going to be bored out of your mind before too long.

Not only does training with heavy weights in your bodybuilding workout programs produce the results, it keeps things fun! It’s awesome to go into the gym and crush your previous personal best on the squat or deadlift. It’s fun to bench more than every other guy in the gym. It’s fun to use more weight on curls and extensions that most people can use for rows or shrugs.