What Are The Best Nootropics (Smart Drugs) And Which To Avoid?

It’s no secret that we all want a little boost in our mental performance from time to time. Fortunately, this is now possible thanks to the rise of nootropic supplements, also known as “smart drugs”. These substances are designed to improve focus, creativity, and other brain functions in order to maximize productivity – with minimal side effects. But which ones should you choose? In this article, we’ll explore the best nootropics on the market and which ones you should avoid.

What exactly are nootropics?

Nootropics are natural or synthetic compounds that have been shown to improve cognitive function and stimulate the growth of new neurons, making them powerful tools for increasing productivity. They can be used by anyone looking for a mental edge, but are particularly beneficial for those who have difficulty concentrating or maintaining focus for long periods of time.

Types of nootropic supplements

There are three main types of nootropic supplements: racetams, amino acid derivatives and herbal extracts. Racetams, such as piracetam and aniracetam, work by increasing levels of neurotransmitters in the brain; these neurotransmitters play an important role in cognition and memory. Amino acid derivatives such as Noopept and Alpha GPC act similarly but are more potent than racetams; they also provide additional benefits such as improved communication between neurons and increased energy production. Finally, herbal extracts such as Bacopa monnieri offer a wide range of health benefits with minimal side effects; they can help reduce stress levels while improving memory.

The best nootropics to try

If you’re looking for a safe way to boost your mental performance without having to worry about serious side effects, here are some great options: Piracetam – This is one of the most popular racetams out there due to its mild nature yet significant cognitive enhancing effects; it helps increase alertness while reducing anxiety levels at the same time; Noopept – This is an incredibly powerful amino acid derivative that has been proven effective in improving memory formation and recall; Alpha GPC – This supplement offers a variety of cognitive benefits including enhanced learning abilities, Bacopa Monnieri – A popular choice among students who need help with concentration or memory retention; Rhodiola Rosea – A great option for those looking for something natural that can help reduce stress levels while promoting clarity and focus.

Which nootropic supplements should you avoid?

Although there are many effective nootropic supplements on the market today, there are also some products that may not be worth your money due to their lack of efficacy or potential negative side effects. Here are a few examples: Phenibut – This compound is often sold online as a ‘smart drug’, but it carries significant risks if taken regularly; Sulbutiamine – While this supplement may provide short-term cognitive enhancement, it can cause headaches if taken too frequently; Modafinil/Adderall – These prescription drugs offer considerable benefits, but they come with potentially dangerous side effects such as insomnia or addiction issues; Kratom – While this substance may temporarily increase focus, it can lead to long-term health complications due to its addictive nature.

The bottom line

Nootropic supplements can be incredibly helpful when used correctly; they offer numerous benefits without having to worry about serious side effects. However, it’s important to know which ones work best so that you don’t waste your money on ineffective products, or worse – put yourself at risk due to potentially dangerous ingredients. With this information in mind, you should now feel confident enough to make an informed decision about which product best suits your needs!