Are You Paying Less Than Minimum Wage For Your Social media Content?

If you are paying less than the minimum wage for your social media content (about £6.19 ph in the UK at the moment) or you are not making efforts to get tiktok views, why on earth do you think it should be good? Get real. this is someone getting the very best exposure for your company in a very noisy world of online and if they get it right will bring you far more business than you could ever get or perhaps afford to get using the more traditional methods… so why on earth are you treating it like a takeaway?

I am not suggesting you go completely over the top and hire the speechwriter for the Queen.. in fact, they wouldn’t be good for your business at all as they invariably don’t use social media… what I am saying is think about what you want your company to be portrayed as, look at the skillset of the person representing you and talk about what you actually want to achieve.

Your content should engage and empower others as well as give a great representation of your company and its values and could even work well in the search engines like Google. Will the work experience person, your MDs daughter, or the person you have outsourced to in some far-flung corner of the globe be able to do all that for you?

Nothing beats experience and having been there and done it and proven it works… get someone with a solid understanding not only of which buttons to press but also what it takes to get the engine revving and purring. Well written content that works with a social media plan and strategy and confirms your social media policy is what you need to get in place. It needs reviewing and tweaking to ensure it is delivering on the KPIs you have in place and it should be both flexible and trackable. If you have done none of these things in your social media stuff you really should be thinking about why not. If you have the wrong people working on your social media you are unlikely to see a return on the time investment involved so why would you bother?

If you get real with what you want to achieve and think about the most competent people to carry out the task at hand you will probably see more engagement with what is happening on-line in your company name… once you start engaging you will probably find you are in the right place at the right time more of the time for what you do and coming up in the search engines more often won’t hurt you either. Harness the power of social media and ensure your social media content is worth more than wrapping the chips in… unless of course, you think your business is as cheap as chips and that is what you wish to portray. Social media is here to stay and you might as well get used to it or just enjoy watching your competition reap the benefits.