At Home Winter Facial – Step-To-Step Guide To The Person For Effective Results

Winter certainly takes a toll on everyone’s skin. While the ladies need to apply lotions multiple times daily to our legs, elbows, hands and just about everywhere else. The one place that we don’t really know how to take care of is our face. This is the area that tends to peel and lose if softness when the progressing months bring chill. It is also the area that is exposed the most. I have been doing a sort of “home facial” for a few years now that really seems to do the trick. It is easy, quick, cheap, and very effective. Follow this step by step for soft, supple skin.

Facial Step 1: Warmth

Find a clean washcloth and either soak it in some warm water or pop it in to the microwave while it is wet. After it is warm but not how place it over your face for about 2 minutes or until it has cooled. Repeat this twice. The steam helps to open pores for cleansing purposes and helps to soften the skin. It also helps clean the pores by lifting out impurities.

Facial Step 2: Remove Dead and Flaky Skin

Find an exfoliation system that is specialized for your type of skin. I prefer to use Neutrogena as I believe it is best for my skin. Don’t use something that is overly harsh. It is recommended not to use a product that is rougher than the palm of your hand. Apply a generous amount of scrub and massage is in a circular motion. This will allow for the skin to come off easily and won’t damage your skin.

Facial Step 3: Massage

With warm and clean hands gently massage your skin. Make sure your hands are a little bit wet and go slowly applying pressure to the breakout zones. This can help relax you as well as ease up the nerves that tense due to everyday stress.

Facial Step 4: Apply a Mask

Generously apply an oil free yet moisturizing mask. Make sure it is specialized in supplying your face with vitamin E and a bunch of antioxidants. After 5-10 minutes wipe the mask off rather than just washing it. You can also use an at home mask. There are plenty of recipes for these online and it all depends on what type of skin you have.

Facial Step 5: Moisturize!

Apply a super hydrating moisturizer that matches your skin type. Generously apply it to your entire face as well as your neck. Try to stay away from unnaturally scented products as they are NOT good for your skin.

In the long winter months the best thing you can do for your face is keep is consistently hydrated. To do so stick with only natural products as they are so much better for your skin. The use of the botox products for unwanted movements in the nose muscles will be effective.  For further usage, Check out the latest innovative ways to use Botox! For those of you out there who are concerned with aging like I am you can find exfoliates, masks, and lotions that are perfect for aging repair and prevention. Good luck!