Best Lures for Salmon Fishing

Salmon is one of the most sought-after game fish in the world. Salmon make for great eating, and they’re also fun to catch. Whether you’re at an Alaskan river or in the Atlantic Ocean, you’re going to need the right lure to catch salmon. Fishermen all over the world favor spoons, plugs and flash-trap spinners.Best Lures for Salmon Fishing


Spoons are great for ocean fishing and other areas where salmon tend to swim aggressively. The bright colors have been attracting fish for ages. Green works great for salmon, and ultraviolet colors also attract all types of salmon at all depths. How fast you’re trolling is one factor in determining how many fish you catch. Most fish swim at one mph for every inch of body length. This means a six-inch fish will generally swim six mph, so experiment with different speeds to see what gets the salmon biting. Steer in gentle “S” curves to attract more attention from fish, and don’t go more than 15 minutes without checking or changing your lure.


Plugs are great when fishing for salmon in rivers, but they can be used in oceans as well. Make sure you retrieve your plug opposite the current, causing it to swivel back and forth as much as possible. The swivel movement is generally the secret to fishing for salmon. If you’re fishing in colder temperatures, it might be better to let your plug float; fish aren’t going to want to swim as fast as they did in the summer. Plugs will dive to different depths, so make sure you get the appropriate one for your fishing expedition, and you might never use another lure for salmon again.

Best Lures for Salmon Fishing

Flashtrap Spinners

Many deep-sea charter captains won’t use anything but flash-trap spinners when looking for salmon in salt water. They also work exceptionally well in lakes and streams. Make sure you get something with bright, shining colors. Dull colors aren’t effective with salmon. King and silver salmon love them, and few types can resist them. They come designed with single or treble hooks, and the wide variety of colors makes them a must-have for any salmon fisherman’s tackle box.