Bitcoins- A Relevant Alternative?

There have been innumerable discussions on what kind of life you would prefer to live. Do you even find life worthy of living at all? Do the numerous situation and circumstances allow you to think positively about life?

No one wants to live a life that is full of pain and struggles. Everyone yearn for one that is luxurious and comfortable with everything at your disposal instantly and you don’t have to depend on anyone financially.

While they are not entirely wrong to think in such a way, but it has to be seen that in order to get your goals and become successful, you will have to put in a good, no make that great, deal of struggle and hardwork.

To be able to struggle, you will be needing to come out of your comfort zone and abandon the easy lifestyle and comforts where you can recline on a sofa or lie down in bed, watching TV or listening to music on your mobile, with your parents at your disposal doing everything and catering to all your whims and caprices.

Comfort zone, while alluring to the eye, should be taken as a wolf in sheep’s clothing which may pretend to provide you comfort and solace, but eventually you will become so lazy that you will become entirely dependent on others to even move your hands and legs without putting in the efforts to do so yourself.

Life will become akin to the king/queen of a huge palace where you have thousands of servants, waiting for you to issue them orders and they can carry them out, along side different other tasks while you do nothing but simply sit back and watch the fun.

Be it life with its everyday problems or situations in times of danger or peril where you may not have anyone to help you out and you are left on your own, there will eventually come a time which will whip you hard and snatch your comfort zone away from your feet and leave you staggering. So be careful in what you do, what path you choose and the friends who provide help and support-all on one side and you become completely alone with no one by your side and no longer in a position to help you out.

So today, the topic of discussion would be regarding bitcoin, whether it is going to take the place and prove to be a worthy alternative to fiat currency in the future or not.

But, first of all, let us get to know bitcoin a little. It is a crypto-currency or digital currency with the help of which you can do financial transactions in an automated manner.

Launched in January 2009, it quickly became the darling of the masses, a goose that laid golden eggs and through which each person out of a population of millions began to earn millions with each passing day.

The bitcoin circuit became a relevant platform where regular financial transactions began to be made by different people who came in contact with bitcoins and ones whose lives changed for the better.

Fiat Currency can be defined as that form of currency that is quite similar in looks to a legan tender bank note, it does not have the same features as it cannot be used as money to purchase goods and services.

It is the government that decides its value and maintains it for others to use in some form or the other.

Given the sorry state of bitcoin and one whose future looks extremely bleak, it is highly likely that fiat currency may take its place in future.