Craftsman Toolbox – The Most Practical Gift I Ever Received

A while back my cousin bought me a Craftsman portable toolbox for a present. At the time I thought this was the worst thought out gift I had ever been given, especially since I am not ordinarily known to be that good with tools. Despite the fact that I am a ham radio operator and have built a number of electronics kits and antennas, I have always kept my tools in something like a shoe box instead of an actual toolbox. But now that some time has passed, I realize that the Craftsman portable toolbox is perhaps the best gift I have ever received.

As mentioned above, I have always kept my tools, like my soldering iron, hand tools, etc. in a show box or just an ordinary cardboard box. Once I had the Craftsman toolbox, though, I was able to keep my tools together organized into one place. The Craftsman toolbox was also of a good size, which allowed me to start accumulating tools and supplies that I did not really have a good place to store. The mere presence of a storage place to keep tools has allowed me to accumulate a really diverse supply of tools and supplies, so much so that there is very little in the way of odd-jobs that I am unprepared for. I am able to forage into my toolbox and find an appropriate tool for the job whereas before I did not have enough tools, and the ones I did have were just as likely to be the wrong tools for the job at hand.

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The Craftsman portable toolbox itself is made of a durable gray plastic with two latches for some redundancy in keeping the box closed while carrying. The toolbox’s handle is a durable plastic handle that is strong enough to support a toolbox full of heavy steel tools. Inside the toolbox there is a top removable tray to store smaller tools or supplies, and despite the portability of the Craftsman toolbox, I am able to store what seems to me to be a veritable army of tools in a relatively compact space.

In conclusion, while a toolbox might be described as a relatively anticlimactic gift, I have found that a practical gift like a Craftsman toolbox is a gift that will be highly appreciated down the road even if the recipient does not fully appreciate the practicality of the gift at the moment. This was true for me. I did not see what my cousin saw in the toolbox as a gift. I thought it was not a well thought out gift, but in hindsight, my cousin knew that there would be times when I would need to use a tool and that I would need a good place to store my tools to be ready for such an event. So if you are looking for a good practical gift for somebody, consider giving a Craftsman toolbox and give the gift of practicality.