Diamond Painting- Length Of Time

This is the perfect opportunity to unleash the hidden talent inside you that has been lying dormant for so many years that you would probably not even be aware of it, which is why you never get to tap your potentials and are left behind in the race of life.

Talent and ethics are two things that you cannot inherit from your parents but they need to be an inherent quality inside you to make it work for you and the betterment of others.

This argument can have different aspects but it is an argument for another day and so let us look at one of the best form of skills that many people possess and those that don’t would be eager to have it and that is painting.

Sub Form

Painting is an art form that has different genres and subsets similar to a movie with its ingredients of action, romance, comedy, realism, etc. and today we are going to discuss just one form called diamond painting.

It is a unique mixture of art and craft with some of the best parallels of both forms added to it where you don’t even notice the blend with a discerning eye and it would take an expert to notice the difference in its true sub form.

While calling it as a sub form, it is important to mention that diamond painting is first and foremost a form of painting and so it requires more or less the same tools to make it but with an entirely different treatment than you would do with a regular painting.

It would not ring a bell in many people as they are anyhow not interested in painting or any art form in general because they are much more content with going out for a job and slogging it out in office from morning till night.

But people who are genuinely interested in diamond painting leave no stone unturned to turn their dreams into reality and they do it by focusing on their ambitions with no room for criticism and distraction.

Profession or Hobby

There are different kinds of people in the world where some are quite lazy and lethargic to work while others take the mantle as a result of circumstances beyond their control and find that they are made for it.

When it comes to diamond art painting, people are unsure on whether they should take it up as a profession or a hobby just to pass the time. It is entirely up to the individual in question on whether he is serious about it or not.

The most important point is that you should not force yourself into it or just because your friend is doing it and has come out successful does not mean that you will achieve the same results.

If you are not interested in this art form, then nobody can do anything to make you go for it with force or coercion. So you can take it the way you see it where those that want to reap monetary benefits will take it as a profession while those that are fiercely passionate about it as art will use it as a hobby.

Diamond paintings are similar to the concept of painting an image in a systematic format with the help of numbers and hence are also known as painting by diamonds, the only difference being is that there are no real diamonds used as it is virtually impossible.

Time Management

Given the fact that most people are lazy to begin with, they are quite impatient in getting the job done as quickly as possible but it is of genuine interest on how long it takes for the painting to finish.

To be honest, it entirely depends on the number of tools you have and how big an expert you are in terms of experience that is calculated in years. Therefore, the more experience you have, the faster you can finish it in the shortest duration so time management is of extreme importance in this field.

A beginner will take nearly 30 to 40 hours to finish a painting of size 30×30 cm or smaller while an intermediate will take about 60 hours to complete a 60×60 size painting or smaller while and expert will take at most 50 hours to complete a painting of 60×60 size or larger.