George The George Pest Control Experts!

We are George pest control. We specialize in everything pest control related, from rodent control to stored product pest fumigations and everything in between and view their website by clicking here. If it is a fast, friendly, and reliable service you are looking for within the george area, here we are. George pest control has been providing highly effective and expert pest control solutions throughout George for several years, to combat all types of pest problems and pest infestations. All of our staff are fully trained and qualified and follow all the guidelines set by sapca and governing law.

Our George pest control technicians drive both marked and unmarked vans in the need for a more discreet pest control service. The vehicles are all fully equipped for most situations at all times so that our technicians can be called out at any time for any of your pest control related problems. We deal with both commercial pest control, domestic pest control, or industrial pest control like offices and restaurants, offering pest management and pest prevention measures and domestic properties offering fast and effective removal of rats, mice, cockroaches, and bed bugs amongst others.

We are here to assist you to deal with whatever pest control problem you have, give us a call in George and we will arrange for one of our qualified George pest control technicians to call round.

Rodent problems: whatever rodent problem you have, we will deal with it in a professional and discreet manner. If you are having problems with rats, we will inspect the surrounding external areas to help ascertain the size of the problem and cause of the problem and come up with a solution to the problem. If it is mice that is pestering you then an internal inspection will be the first course of action. Once the extent of the pest problem has been established, we will then work out what the best treatment for the problem is and give you a free estimate for the cost of your tailored pest control..

Insect problems and infestations: if it is an insect that is bothering you, be is a crawling insect, a biting insect, or a flying insect like a moth then we will come and inspect all necessary areas of your property, using our specialist equipment and intuition, to find out the extent of the infestation and arrange a treatment asap before the problem gets out of hand. The same goes for any other insect. If it is fleas or bed bugs, again an inspection will be carried out, then an estimate of costs for whatever treatment needs to be carried out will be given and, if agreed, the commencement of work date will be arranged. Most of our work comes with a provisional guarantee for 3 months or mo

Fumigations: some insect infestations need more than just the manual treatment that we deliver. Infestations of bed bugs and fleas and wood borer can sometimes be heavy and fumigation may be required to help solve the problem. If this is the case, here at George pest control we can arrange and deal with this also. Fumigation will require the property to be vacant and sealed for a number of hours, so an arranged time will be made to suit you.