Gift Ideas For Twilight Fans

There is no doubt; Twilight is a pop culture sensation. This holiday season, get your Twilighter what they want the most, Twilight memorabilia.

You can go as outrageous as autographed movie memorabilia and autographed posters or a simple as collector items, games, magazines, trivia guides, clothing, and accessories. The decision is yours but whatever your decision I am sure that your Twilighter will love it.

As a Twilighter, I know that my favorite thing aside from the books is my autographed photograph of Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen). Autographed items like mine are easy to find on sites such as eBay and starting bids and buy it now prices range from $24.99 to $299. When making your purchase from keuze helper, make sure that you are bidding on autographed photograph and not a reprint. If you are not sure, message the seller and ask for information about the certificate of authenticity.

If your Twilighter isn’t a member of Team Edward consider getting them an autograph of their favorite character. Prices of other cast members autographs are somewhat cheaper than Edward’s. Their starting bids and buy it now prices range from $9.99 to $75. This is also a good Cadeau jongens 14 jaar. Twilight movie knows no age limit. From kids to teens to adults, Twilight has always been universal. Hence, you can use this theme as a gift for your loved ones from different ages. As long as they lobe this film, they will appreciate your gift.

If you aren’t in the market for autographed memorabilia there are a number of other options to consider. First off, if your Twilight fan doesn’t have all four books you would want to start there. The books are available from a number of online stores including Amazon, Toys R Us, Barnes and Noble, and Wal-Mart.

The soundtracks for Twilight and New Moon are available. Most Twilighters already have them so you might want to check before purchasing them. If not, this would be a great addition to their Twilight collection.

Collector dolls of Edward and Bella are available. The Twilight Collector Dolls by Tonner Doll Company are available from Toys R Us for $139.99 a piece. Obviously, they will be a hot item this holiday season so I would recommend making your purchase early as stores already have this item on backorder.

If that is out of your budget, the Twilight Barbie Collector Pink Label doll is available from Toys R Us for the low price $24.99. If you want to order this, do so early. This isn’t something you would want to wait to the last minute to order.

Twilight action figures of Bella, Edward, Alice, and Jacob are also available from Toys R Us for $13.99. At this low price you could afford to get them more than one. These would make the perfect stocking stuffer for your Twilight fan.

The Twilight Board game is available from Wal-Mart for the everyday low price of $11.97. It is recommended for ages 10 and up and a must have for any Twilight fan. Does your Twilighter already have it?

Has your Twilighter already had all of the things that I have recommended? If so, try this. I am sure that they don’t already have it. Visit and order licensed replica of the green taffeta dress that Bella Swan wore to her birthday party in New Moon. It is a Hot Topic exclusive and available for $98.

Other items such as t-shirts, blankets, crest items, beanies, and backpacks are available from websites and stores such as Hot Topic, Wal-Mart, and Toys R Us. Make sure that you shop early this year to get the best deals and make sure that your item is in stock. Your Twilighter will surely appreciate the extra effort you put into purchasing their gift early.