How Do I Have Cosmetic Surgery Overseas

Cosmetic surgery is rarely covered under any insurance plan so people have to save money or borrow money for the procedure they want and the cost is exorbitant. Most people simply don’t have the money to pay for such expensive surgeries, that is why the knowledge of nose job cost can help you plan your budget effectively. Moreover, this is what makes medical tourism so alluring. It involves traveling to countries like India, Thailand, and Costa Rica in order to have the procedure at a fraction of the cost in the west. The savings are fifty to seventy percent off the western prices

Who do I contact?

MedPath is one medical tourism site that will set up the location and the surgery information for you and will help you with flight arrangements. You will travel to your host country and be met by a personal assistant who will take you to your sumptuous luxury hotel and schedule all of your doctors’ appointments and surgery times. They will make sure you get there as well. You’ll visit with a board-certified, internationally recognized cosmetic surgeon who will examine you, look at XRays and decide what kinds of procedures you need to have done in conjunction with your opinion.

Then What Happens?

You can stay in your luxury hotel room or sightsee while you await your surgery. Your surgery is done in a modern hospital in a state of the art surgical suite that has all of the same equipment you’d find in a modern western hospital. The anesthesia is the same as you’d receive in the US and your procedure will be done the same as you’d have it done in the US. You’ll wake up in recovery and you’ll be transferred to the recovery room to recover from anesthesia. You’ll then go to a hospital room that is like a five-star hotel room to visit with loved ones and begin the recovery process. When you are ready, you go back to the luxury hotel to continue to recover with bandages on.

If it is appropriate, your surgeon will remove your bandages and stitches before you leave for home. You will begin to get a sense of what you will look like after the healing is complete. You can spend some more time in your luxury hotel and can do some more sightseeing if you feel up to it. When you are ready, you have your final appointment and then take your flight back to your home country.