How To Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss comes from many reasons, not only because of diseases, and you should not only take medicine to improve your hair loss condition . To find answer for the question how to prevent hair loss, you need to redefine some of the following issues :

First, how is your current health status, too weak, too stressed due to studies, exams …due to recent major surgery or anything else?

Secondly, check that whether you have medical conditions such as fungal, inflammatory scalp, thyroid failure…. If so, all patients after treatment, the hair will grow back.

Thirdly, which kind of current medications you are using? Some medicines can cause hair loss as hemdilution medications, antidepressants, high blood pressure medicines, oral contraceptives and drugs containing high doses of vitamin A …, in some cases hair loss is due to drug interactions. Usually after stopping use, the hair will grow back.

Also, do you often change hairstyle with heat tools or chemicals? Whether or twisting, fastening hair too tight?

How to prevent Hair Loss ?

To stop the loss of hair, you need to collate, identify which case you are in to find measures to prevent hair loss effectively.

In the first case, you should increase the nutrition in food to improve your health. Hair keeps losing when the body is still too weak, malnourished or stressed. When the health is recovered, the hair will grow back as before. Remember to eat well, all three meals, do not skip meals, especially breakfast. If you are a dieter then still have to ensure the necessary nutrients, especially essential substances such as biotin_ helps regenerate new hair follicle, makes healthy hairline and supports the creation process of hair cells ( rich in milk, meat, liver, kidneys, yeast), iron-hematopoietic, helps transport nutrients to nourish the hair and scalp (found in red meat, watercress, spinach, kale, corn, egg yolks), silicate _ increases elasticity, strengthens hair (found in wholegrain cereals, cucumber),zinc_ stimulates hair growth, helps the hair follicles linked together stronger, in this way promote healthy hair (in salmon, red meat, eggs, toad meat, clam shells, cereals, vegetables), vitamin B_ makes hair strong legs, prevent hair loss (in turkey, fish, wheat germ , organ, whole grains, egg yolks), vitamin E, D … Especially, since hair is composed primarily of proteins, so protein deficiency will lead to slow hair growth. There are some of the Best hair growth supplements available which can also be included in the diet.

Besides, remember not stay up late and limit the use of stimulants is also a way to help you reduce hair loss. You can also practice meditation, yoga … so morale is relaxed, relieved.

In the case you often damage your hair by physical agents, chemical, mechanical, I seriously advise you to stop these activities, if not, your hair condition will be worse. Make sure each dye and perm, straightening six months apart, and keep the hair dry naturally, if you’re using hair dryer, should not be too close, too hot because it makes your hair loss easily. Also, do not wash hair too often that affects the natural oils which protect hair and scalp. When washing, remember to massage gently, wash well and clean, avoid redundant oil from sticking on the hair, and should not arbitrarily change shampoos. Using wide tooth combs to brush hair, and comb gently, not to tie hair, twist hair too tigh, and avoid pulling hair tightly.

You should also check to see if your scalp appeared much flaky smooth white scales (also called dandruff), very itchy, may have papules pustules, crusted rupture in the scalp, the more likely you were infected dermatitis sebum in the head. In the case your scalp has patches of red inflammation, breakage, look closely see how the hair roots by white scales, and you may have a yeast infection. Can be treated with Nizoral 200 mg / day or Iitraconazole 200 mg / day, taking 7-10 days and topical as clotrimazole, terbinafin included shampoos like Nizoral contains ketoconazole, … depending on the case. Here are two common diseases causing hair loss. You can also check your body more to see any unusual signs to early detect diseases, if any.

Above are the common causes of hair loss and the remedial measures, Now you can figure out how to prevent hair loss or at least how to reduce hair loss by yourself. Beside natural hair growth remedies that I provided in previous post , I’ve also reviewed some awesome hair growth products on the market such as vitamins for hair loss, shampoos for hair loss, oils for hair loss that help you improve your hair condition as well as help reduce hair loss. It’s not only about my revenue since I am working in product affiliate marketing, but also about your benefit , because I only review best products that I feel useful for you and I know there’re thousands positive reviews out there. I recommend you give every single one of them a try and you can buy it via my affiliate link or buy directly on the market, it’s up to your comfort.


Managing hair fall problem is not easy. People go for various home remedies, consult doctors, go for medication, hair treatment, control their diet and add food supplements for it. All these things are effective only when done properly or the right product used for it.