JANUVIA : FDA Approved Drug for Type 2 Diabetes

More than 20 million Americans suffer with Type 2 Diabetes. As a growing epidemic in the United States, patients and healthcare professionals are on a never ending quest to erradicate diabetes from many patients. Acquired later in life, Type 2 Diabetes involves an inability of the body to control insulin regulation. As a result, blood sugar levels increase leading to a variety of health complications. With FDA approved, JANUVIA, Type 2 Diabetic patients are finding improved incidence of symptoms.

As an FDA approved drug, JANUVIA provides the individual suffering from Type 2 Diabetes with a one pill per day treatment option working to improve and regulate blood glucose levels. In an individual with Type 2 Diabetes, JANUVIA lends its success to the stimulation of the body’s natural mechanisms for controlling blood sugar levels without the added component of weight gain. For this reason, many patients suffering from Type 2 Diabetes are turning to JANUVIA as a key component of the healthcare plan which also includes diet and exercise.

Developed by Merck, JANUVIA successfully treats Type 2 Diabetes through the control of the pancreas secretion of insulin and through the control of the liver’s production of glucose. Most noteably, JANUVIA, in the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes, attributes to the hormone levels of the body, allowing the pancreas to be stimulated while the liver activity is reduced. Dosing of JANUVIA, in a once a day pill, is generally limited to 100 milligram tablets.

As with most FDA approved drugs, JANUVIA does not come without side effects. Most common side effects associated with the use of JANUVIA include inflammation of the nasal passage and throat, upper respiratory infections and even mild headache. In comparison with other FDA approved Type 2 Diabetes drugs, the use of JANUVIA provides a significant reduction in the number of side effects experienced thus has become a more widely prescribed drug in the fight against Type 2 Diabetes.

Contraindicated in patients suffering from pre-existing kidney disease, neurological disorders and heart disease, JANUVIA can be administered to a variety of patients in varying health statuses. For these contraindicated patients, use is limited due to JANUVIA’s ability to decrease blood glucose levels which, in turn, will exacerbate the risk for progressive disorders such as kidney disease, neurological damage and heart disease. Just like Sugar balance, JANUVIA is also effective, healthy and is proven to be helpful to a lot of people who have diabetes. So make sure to consult with your doctor first before taking any med to avoid any complication with your health condition.

For patients suffering from Type 2 Diabetes, the use of JANUVIA may provide a significant increase in life expectancy through the regulation of kidney and liver activity. With minimal side effects, doctors and patients are more commonly prescribing and using JANUVIA more than any other Type 2 Diabetes prescription. Through diet, exercise and regulation of insulin producing hormones, the Type 2 Diabetic patient will suffer less over the course of life.