Know everything about filter pitchers and dispensers

While you scroll through the search engine you will come across many brands offering filter pitchers and dispensers. The selection process may be challenging when it comes to buying the best product. When it comes to drinking water a compromise on the product would be a compromise on your health. Water being the most essential element for life needs to be free from contamination. Read this article to know more about water filter pitchers and dispensers. Read the article thoroughly to make an informed decision when it comes to buying pitchers and dispensers. 

Be aware of the quality of the filter 

A filtering pitcher or a dispenser without a top-quality filter is simply a jug that holds water. So one of the most essential factors to be considered when it comes to buying a filter pitcher or a dispenser is the quality of the filter. In the market, there are several filter cartridges available. Some of the cartridges are of no use when it comes to the filtering process. Some of them simply won’t fit your filter pitcher or dispenser. So you need to be aware of the quality of filter cartridges when it comes to buying a pitcher or a dispenser. A premium quality cartridge would ensure the complete removal of contaminated substances that are dissolved in water. The longevity of cartridges is also an important factor. The best quality filter cartridge would last for an average of two months. However, if you look for cheaper options you may have to replace them frequently which will add up to the cost. 

Know the type of jug that is provided 

Another important consideration that is to be made is the quality of the jug. The material used for making the jug is also an essential factor. You need to rely on top brands like Zero Water and Brita if you want to have top quality material. Poor quality material will lead to the dissolving of solid material that gets removed from the skin of the jug. This is generally plastic that is extremely dangerous to health if it is consumed. The size of the jug is also an essential consideration. a 10 cup size jug is the standard when it comes to a pitcher. For dispensers, you can have up to 18 cup sized jugs. However, some of the companies like Zero water and Brita also have 8 cup sized jugs. 

Know the process of filtration and certifications

When you are buying a filter pitcher or a dispenser you need to be aware of the filtering process. The best brands in the market will offer you a 5 staged filtering process. Zero water is recognized by NSF which is a premium organization certifying the company for its premium products. 

Making informed decisions 

If you read this article you will understand that there are various factors to be considered when it comes to buying filter pitchers or dispensers. If you have gone through the article thoroughly then you are good to go when it comes to making decisions about buying filter pitchers and dispensers.