Know How CBD Edibles Can Show Negative Results On A Drug Test

Test result depends on the THC level.

Many people wonder if the Cannabidiols show up if you take a drug test. Well, if you are also wondering about this statement, then the answer will be no. If the CBD edibles have enough THC present in them, only then will it come up on drug tests. Therefore, the quality of the CBD depends upon the positive result on the drug test. The composition of the compounds present in it will decide the factor. Therefore, there are ways by which you can avoid the positive test result in drug cases.

Different Types of CBD available

The techniques of harvesting and refining the plant can bring a change in the types of CBD. Therefore, you can label them as different types of CBD edibles. Let us have a look at some of them.

  • The first one will be the Full-spectrum extract of CBD. The natural components in the plant contain in these extracts. It includes products like the terpenes, flavonoids, and THC in it other than the cannabinoids. You can extract these from the subspecies of marijuana. It does contain the THC but in varying amounts. These are widely available in the markets with great ease. You can find products like creams, serums, edibles, tinctures, and many more in which you can find.
  • The next one will be the Broad-spectrum CBD. These contain some compounds other than the ones that you find in the plants. You can find terpenes and cannabinoids. But here, you will not find any THC because they remove it while making them. You cannot easily find them in various markets. You will most probably find it in oils.
  • If you are looking for pure CBD, then CBD isolate will be on top. You will not find any additional compounds in them extracted from the plants. It comes from hemp plants, which is why it does not contain THC. You can find crystalline powders or slabs in solid shape that you can break into pieces and eat. You will find this in oil or tincture form.

Chemical compounds bring in strain and variety.

Most of the CBD products that are legal do not get clearance through the FDA or the Food and Administration department. Therefore, the harvesting methods may decide the THC level in them. Still, many types of CBD do not have such compounds in them. The natural compounds you find in them are terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. Here, the plant strain will depend upon the composition of the chemical compounds in it. It is also the factor that brings in the variety in them.

Different testing methods

The Proceedings from the Mayo Clinic stated that if you reduce the THC levels in the CBD, then it can pass the drug test. Clearing the drug will not mean that it does not contain any THC, but it is below the cut-off value. There are many testing methods, and each of them has different values of the cut-off. You can do it from urine, blood, and even saliva.