Leupold Clarity Of Vision – What are the features!!

Thoughtful innovations combined with meticulous craftsmanship and clarity of vision have kept Leupold in business for more than 100 years. It is one American brand that is regarded as second to none by hunters who know good optics. But, despite the high quality of its products, the company also offers products affordable both to the average shooter and the well-heeled enthusiast.

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The Leupold company was founded in Portland, Ore., in 1907 by Fred Leupold. He and his partner Adam Voelpel were subsequently joined by John Cyprian Stevens, the inventor of a water level recorder. Such instruments were to be the company’s primary focus for the first 40 years. In 1942, with sales booming, the company name was changed to Leupold & Stevens Instruments Co.

Then came the day that Marcus Leupold, Fred’s son, missed a buck while hunting due to a fogged riflescope and concluded he could manufacture a better one. In 1949 Leupold became the first manufacturer to purge its riflescopes with pure nitrogen, absolutely preventing fogging. A fogproof Leupold rifle scope was the proverbial “better mousetrap” and sportsmen quickly took to it.

The duplex reticle was another Leupold’s innovation introduced in 1962. The heavy posts led the shooter’s eye quickly and naturally to the target, and that led consumers quickly and naturally to the Leupold brand.

A lightweight, high-power target scope followed in 1974. A line of compact riflescopes was introduced in 1978, the Dual Dovetail mount system – in 1985 and a low-light scope came to market in 1986.

Today, Leupold optics are renowned for their unchallenged ruggedness, absolute waterproof integrity, and vastly superior optical quality. The company offers high-end hunting Leupold riflescopes with illuminated reticle technology; tough, affordable, no-nonsense hunting scopes; and full-featured spotting scopes.

It should be mentioned that Leupold tactical scopes are the most popular military optic for long-range precision shooting. They are popular among US military units, many law enforcement agencies and NATO militaries.

There is an incredible wide range of Leupold binoculars, in both full-size and compact models, high-tech roof prism designs and classic Porro prism models, delivering exceptional brightness and clarity, ruggedness, and waterproof integrity in all conditions.

Leupold has even entered the golf market with rangefinders that take the guesswork out of range estimation on the links. It has also represented high-end, high-output flashlights.

Any Leupold riflescope is built to a higher standard. Leupold vx-7 riflescope, which is new for 2009, incorporates features previously reserved for high-end scopes. It includes the Extended Twilight lens system, cryogenically treated windage and elevation adjustments, diamond-coated exterior lens surfaces, the dial bias spring erector assembly from the Mark 4 tactical line and blackened lens edges to reduce diffraction. What is more, it is available at a moderate price.

As for binoculars, Leupold will offer the North Fork, a roof-prism binocular in a single-hinge design, available in 8.5×45 and 10.5×45. It’ll be joined by the affordable porro-prism Rogue, in both 8x and 10. The Olympic, an extremely compact 8x or 10x Leupold binocular will fit in a shirt pocket.

In conclusion it should be stressed that Leupold brand is still going strong by offering innovative products. The company is trying to satisfy consumers’ demand for bigger scopes with higher magnification. It is also fusing more electronics to scope technology, enhancing the utility of its riflescopes without decreasing their user-friendliness.

Acting on the wishes of consumers, both the end-users and retailers and distributors, Leupold brings to market only dependable and reliable innovations.