Name Labels- Establishing an Identity with a Proverbial Stamp of Company

When we are born into this world by god’s grace, we have certain duties to fulfill for which we are given three phases but the real time starts after finishing college and setting out into the real world for earning a living.

There are different professions one can try out in the long run but we can only do once in a lifetime for the sole purpose of providing a better lifestyle for the family while the options are purely limited and having the basic education is necessary to the core.

What’s in a name after all? This quote is attributed to William Shakespeare, the greatest playwright in history, and he must have said it in a different context that a man’s personality matters more than a name but today in the 21st century, it is the name that defines your true character.

Identity Crisis

A name is basically a form of the core identity of an individual that defines what his personality is and that becomes a big diffident in where you stand in the eyes of a civilized society.

Most people these days prefer to start their own business rather than depend on a job that has little fiscal benefits for the future but a business is not that easy given the amount of struggle involved.

Naturally everyone would attach their own names with a business and this prompts people to do it in a way that would make their products sell far and wide with a bigger scope for expanding their business.

But what youngsters suffer from in current times is a strong inferiority complex that leads to an identity crisis where they lose themselves in the rat race, which is why they have to be mentally prepared for both success and failure as excess of both leads to a total breakdown.

In order to connect well with the customers, you need to choose your products carefully so that they can relate well with them and become inspired in purchasing them.


Making up name labels isn’t that difficult provided you are innovative enough to think of new ideas instead of copying others’ work, which is why most businesses fizzle out in less than five years.

While branding your content, create your own website where you have relevant info about your business and the products that you are selling and how the customers can be benefited by it.

The label name has to be one that is short and easy to understand because people aren’t interested in the technical aspects as it is beyond their understanding but how they can be benefited by the product that they are going to purchase so it has to be something original and unique.

If you are a beginner at this, then it is better to consult experts in this matter that have many years of experience on how to handle with names because legal advice is extremely important in such matters otherwise your business cannot last long if you are out of ideas.