Plano Trenchless Sewer Repairs Plumber – Check The Repair Requirements

Nobody wants to have their yard or business property torn apart with excavation equipment digging randomly trying to assess what exactly is wrong with the sewer line. Traditional excavation methods leave a path of destruction usually involving your yard, driveway, or even landscaping.

Fortunately, there is state-of-the-art video technology, which is used by many plumbers in the Dallas – Plano area, to quickly and efficiently determine the exact location of a sewer problem. Excavation costs and the destruction from traditional trenching methods are now a thing of the past.

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Video Sewer Inspection

Diagnosing the Plano sewer line problem can now be done by using a tiny video camera that is connected to the end of an auger line and passed into the sewer pipe. This method requires only two small access points, one at the beginning of the sewer line and one at the end of the sewer line. The camera and auger are then passed through the pipe and show any offending cracks, root intrusions or even a collapsed pipe. This method allows for an accurate and efficient diagnosis of the problem as well as alleviating the complete excavation of the sewer line by the Plano plumber.

Once a diagnosis is made, there are several methods of trenchless technology which can be utilized to repair the problem and leave your property unharmed. If a sewer line is collapsed there are several types of trenchless repair options:

Pipe Relining. A fiberglass liner is placed inside the damaged areas of your old pipe and sealed together and the relining can last for many, many years. Pipe Bursting: The original sewer pipe is burst apart as equipment pulls the new pipe through. This type of repair leaves a stronger pipe which is in the same location as your original sewer line leaving your ground surface unscathed.

Avoiding costly repairs and an unsightly mess at your residence or commercial building is simply a matter of calling a Plano plumber who specializes in video technology and trenchless sewer line repair. Quick diagnosis and repair is now achievable with advanced technology.

No longer are home and business owners faced with exorbitant excavation costs and costs for repairing the above-ground damage. By using state-of-the-art video technology and trenchless repair, your sewer repair can be kept where it belongs, which is totally underground. You can call us for all your plumbing needs including water heater installation, repairing water lines, repiping and more.