Let Your Drawings and Designs Earn You Money

Most people surfing the internet looking for ways to make money have heard about the website CafePress, it even got national attention when Tory Johnson mentioned it in her work from home segment on ABC’s Good Morning America and her website However, there is a lesser know website with the same concept of opening an e-store for free with no hassles or investment and allows you to make money off your own drawings and designs. Based out of Denver, Colorado and founded in 2004, offers a huge selection of products and colors to choose from; to be exact there is 32 different items and 215 colors and combinations, totaling 1027. Stuff like Glass Cutting Boards, Clothes, to Mouse Pads. Clothes are available in sizes from kids XS to Adult 5XL.

Just like with CafePress, it is risk-free to open a store because they do the hosting of your store on their servers at no charge, with no limit as to the number of designs you can use to make products. Making and adding products to your shop is easy, you just upload your design to and follow their instructions for adding your designs to products. Instead of using one of PrintPerfection’s pre-made store templates, more advanced users can code there own HTML to customize your store. Your designs are also displayed in the PrintPerfection’s shopping mall for all visitors to see, increasing its earning potential.

When someone orders from your shop, the production facility makes the item within one to three days and ships the finished product directly to the buyer. They pride themselves on producing high-quality on-demand products, made using the latest in digital printing technologies, and each item is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In addition, when there is an unhappy customer, PrintPerfection handles all returns and exchanges along with a toll-free customer service via telephone and email.

Pricing is done in the same manner as; there is a base price for each item and you get to choose the mark up. So if the base price for an item $5.00 and you set the price at $10.00 dollars, you will make $5.00. handles all the money transactions free of charge to you, insuring a secure checkout for people shopping at your store using credit or debt cards. You will be sent a check when your commissions reach the payout threshold.

Unlike CafePress, PrintPerfection allows an unlimited amount of products; at CafePress, you can only have one of an item once an item is in your shop. Never fear, organizing your many products is easy with the ability to make multiple sections. For an extra 2.00 to 4.00 dollars, you can get both sides of an item customized.

All shop owners have access to an extensive library of tips, how-to articles, and tricks to promote your shop and increase sales. You and your customers can get a discount of 10-15% when buying items in bulk, which could be great for selling off-line such as at places like flea markets, etc… as a shop owner you, can set the bulk rate as well.

If you already have a website for your business, you can easily integrate your store to look and feel the same as the website you already have. Neither you nor your customers have a minimum number of products to order, one at a time is A-okay.

While following the steps above can be very helpful for you to make money online through your drawings and designs, there are other information and strategies that you may want to consider for your business. This will help you make money using the internet in a modern approach. To help you out, you can check Douglas Williams Evergreen Wealth Formula reviews.

Make sure you read the Terms of Service, and educate yourself on what you are not allowed to put on items, as in copyrighted images, etc…

Most of all have fun!