Quick Tips To Gain Muscle Mass – Learn about the tips 

When you’re a bodybuilder, gaining muscle mass and definition is the goal. Here are several tips that work to gain muscle mass quickly:

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Track your workouts and food intake daily. It’s important to know what you eat and what you do at each workout, and you can’t leave it to memory. When you seriously want to build muscle mass, write down everything. If you hit a plateau, you will be able to look at your training journal and see what changed, and figure out what to do next.

Do only one exercise per body part for each workout and workout each body part 3xs a week. This is so you can really concentrate on a certain muscle angle for each workout. It is a good way to avoid falling into a routine that will keep your muscles from responding.

Follow a program for a minimum of 12 weeks before trying a new one. It’s impossible to see if a program is working before 12 weeks. Give your body a chance to respond and don’t bounce around from program to program. There is no overnight fix, so just find a program you like and then stick to it.

Switch out your barbells for dumbbells every two weeks. Dumbbell workouts are hugely popular right now, and it’s because they work. Switching out your regular barbell workouts for dumbbells will give you some variety as well as work the muscles a little differently.

Eat carbs when your body need them most…for breakfast and pre and post workout. Carbs are a fuel for the body and eating them first thing in the morning gets your metabolism working on full power each day.

Stretch ½ the time you work out each week- Yoga and stretching help the muscles recuperate and assist with recovery after workouts. So if you work out 4 hours a week, make sure you add 2 hours of stretching or yoga weekly as well.

Have a training plan in place- Never go to the gym without a planned workout. Having your routine written down and in front of you, ready to add your notes to it each day is a massive training tool. Just walking in and wandering will make your workouts less effective and take the edge off your workouts as well.

Consume 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body mass per day. There is conflicting reports about protein consumption, but in most cases, and with most professionals, this tried and true rule still applies.

Take a cold shower after every intense workout- Yep…you read that right and yes it sucks. But it also works and has been shown to shorten the muscle recovery time. We didn’t say it had to be a LONG shower…

Train with someone bigger and stronger than you- This is a good way to motivate yourself into working harder but make sure that the person you train with is not SO much bigger and stronger than you that it becomes counterproductive to workout with them and you end up feeling down about yourself.

All these tips, when combined especially, will help you grow muscle mass quicker and you’ll see results faster. There are many other tips out there, that you can add to these. Just be sure to do it healthy, do it sensibly and stay away from the false means of obtaining it. Muscle mass CAN be obtained the right way and it won’t take years, just commitment to follow the right program and doing all you can to maximize your efforts.