Some Tips And Guides For Background Check

Recruiting employees for your company is not that easy task. This is quite a long process that involves several steps. You need to check and verify the recruiters at each stage. However, it is genuine too, as the recruiter you choose for the final selection will become a member of your business family, and you are going to share every confidential information with him. So he must be responsible for the reputed position.

In the online background check process, you don’t only stick to the educational qualification of the employee but also checks his or her employment history, criminal record, past activities, personal reputation or goodwill, and many other things. 

There are different types of background checks for different situations. 

Let’s discuss each of them in detail:

Employment background checks

In an employment background check, the employer checks the candidate’s full name, date of birth, current address, social security number (SSN), and written consent letter of the candidate. It also includes other mandatory details required for the desired position like checking his or her education details, work history, medical history, drug screening, credit history, motor vehicle reports, use of social media.  

Through all this information, the employer ensures that he doesn’t end up hiring someone who becomes a threat to the workplace or liability to the employer.

Universal background check

It means to check whether a person purchases or has a license of any firearm from the manufacturer, dealer, or licensed importer. You can check all such details via the national instant background check system (NICS). 

If the person has a gun license, it says much about his reputation, and several doubts arise whether he involves in any felony crime, criminal convictions, domestic violence convictions, etc.

E verify background check

E verifies form assures you that the employee is eligible and authorized to work in a country. This form is filled out with government records by a newly hired employee to verify his identity and employment eligibility.

Credit background check

Credit background depicts your current financial position and how you manage your loans and bill payment activities. It is also known as a credit report as it shows a record of a person’s credit to debt ratio, tax liens, bankruptcies, unpaid bills in collection, payment history, recent credit inquiries, civil judgment, etc.

International background checks

If you are applying for the job in some new county other than where you lived, studied, or worked, the employer may want to run an international online background check. Through international background checks, the employer can get international education records, criminal records, and employment verification. In addition to this, the employer may also check your other essential documents like a copy of your government-issued ID (passport), your full name, current address in the country, etc. 


It shows that by running the online background check, you can assure the educational as well as legal inquiries of the newly hired employees. This helps you choose productive personnel for your workplace without any doubt.