The Best Youtube Converters That You Can Use This 2020

Converting videos from Youtube is very useful, especially if you intend to watch videos later without an internet connection on your mobile phone or other devices. Converting Youtube videos will allow you to make them compatible with every device, and it also allows you to share these videos with your friends physically instead of just sending over a link. If you want to convert youtube clips online, we got you covered. Listed in this article are some of the top Youtube converter tools that you can use this 2020. Without further ado, let’s start:

1. YtMp3

If you are looking for a free converter of Youtube videos to the MP3 file format, you might be interested in YtMp3. For those who didn’t know, YtMp3 is an online converter that keeps the standard and audio fidelity of the videos that you convert.

Additionally, this converter can convert to MP4 file format as well despite its name. YtMp3 is very simple to use. All you have to do is go to the Youtube website, copy the link of the video that you want to convert to MP3 or MP4, and paste it on the address bar on the YtMp3 website. After that, choose a format that you want to convert into, wait for the conversion to finish, and click download once your file is ready.

YtMp3 is a converter that keeps the quality of the videos you download, as stated earlier in this article. This means that you will be able to play videos or music offline in the same quality as you would hear or watch them online. Additionally, the user interface of their website is very friendly, which means that there is no learning curve while using this Youtube converter. You can also do conversion operations on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac devices.

Some of the disadvantages of using YtMp3 is that they only support videos that is less than an hour when it comes to length. This means that you will not be able to convert or download any videos that are longer than an hour. This is not a problem most of the time, however, if you prefer to download a long documentary or video compilation, you are out of luck. This converter only supports MP3 and MP4 file format when it comes to conversion, and lastly, you are only able to download and convert a single file at any given time.

2. Any Video Converter

This video converter stands apart from YtMp3 in the sense that it supports a whopping 20+ file formats. If you are disappointed by YtMp3 only supporting MP3 and MP4, Any Video Converter will surely save your day. Apart from video converting, it is also possible to do basic editing within this converter. Regular edits like crops, cuts, merging of different videos, and others can be done right in this converter. Take note that AVC can take some time to convert your videos, so patience is key while using this converter.