Top Seven Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

Dogs are a joyful addition to any family. There are a multitude of breeds to choose from. Although each dog is unique, most of them have traits that are typical for each breed. Some dogs are easy to train because of their high levels of intelligence. Making the list of the seven most intelligent breeds of dogs are:

  • Boarder Collie – A herding breed named for the border between England and Scotland. The Boarder Collie is a herding dog. They are an extremely active breed that needs a ton of exercise. Boarder Collies have excellent memories, and are easy to train. They are very alert, and diligent when working, and demand lots of attention. The Boarder Collie usually weighs between 30 and 45 pounds. To maintain the coat of a Boarder Collie, it should be brushed once every two weeks. These dogs need a lot of yard space to expend excessive amounts of energy. The Boarder Collie craves attention. These dogs don’t usually get along with smaller animals.

  • Poodle – Poodles are highly intelligent, intuitive, frisky, playful, and highly trainable. Poodles were found popular among French nobility in the eighteenth century. Poodles have a thick woolly coat, that doesn’t shed. The poodles come in many colors. Apricot, Silver, Parti, and Black. Poodles are classified in many size categories: standard( 55 to 60 lbs.): miniature(15 to 17 lbs.): toy(6 to 10lbs.): tiny toy( 4 to 6 lbs.): and the smallest of the breed weighing 4lbs or less is the teacup.
  • German Shepard – This breed is large, strong, and muscular. The German Shepard exude power, and stregnth. They have a mid-length coats, bushy tails, and pointy ears. German Shepards make great guard dogs. Because of the German Shepard’s strength, power, agility, and intelligence, they are the dog of choice for Police canine units.
  • Golden retriever – This breed is primarily a working dog. Golden retrievers are powerful, active, agile, and reliable. They weigh between 55 and 75 pounds. The golden retriever has a dense, water repellent coat, that is thicker on the underside of the tail, the front of the neck, and the back of the legs. These dogs make excellent companions.
  • Doberman Pinscher – This breed is a(n) excellent guard dog. The Doberman Pinscher is a extremely powerful, lean, and muscular dog. The ears are cropped, and tails are usually docked. The Doberman Pinscher has a short, hard coat that fits close to the body. A Doberman’s temperament varies from dog to dog. They enjoy being around people, and they need constant human interaction. The Doberman Pinscher normally weigh between 60 and 90 pounds.
  • Shetland Sheepdog – Also called a sheltie, this breed is loyal, and eager to please. The Shetland Sheepdog is a small herding dog usually weighing a little over 20 pounds. They make wonderful companions. The Shetland Sheepdog is affectionate, and great with kids. Although the Shetland Sheepdog enjoys affection, they don’t like being approached by strangers. Shelties love to chase children, and small animals in large open spaces.

  • Labrador Retriever – Also referred to as a Lab, this breed is very gentle, caring, non aggressive. Labrador retrievers are mild mannered, and kind. They love the water, and they make great pets for children. The labs come in several colors. Black, chocolate, and yellow. Because of the Labrador retrievers mild temperament, great manners, caring nature, and high intelligence level, they are highly sought after as guide dogs.

Overall, regardless of the breed of your pet, it is your responsibility as an owner to know the right and proper ways of taking good care of your pet. Your safety and health of your pet should always be the number one priority. For helpful information, you can click this link now