Weight Loss Exercises For Women

Obesity is one of the major problems faced by women these days. Excess weight not only makes you look ugly, but also makes you prone to many hazardous diseases. Thus, getting rid of excess fat along with Testosterone Booster is the biggest challenge amongst most women. However, proper guidance and motivation will definitely help each and every obese woman to lose all the necessary fat and gain the most wanted slim and trim figure. I often come across many women trainees who join the gym to lose their weight and are quiet consistent for a few weeks. However, after a week or two, many of them quit workouts for some of the other crap reasons.


There are various solutions available to lose weight. Some of them include dieting, workout, and surgery. Being a physical trainer, I always recommend the first two options, which will definitely help you out if followed properly. One must also understand that both these solutions go hand in hand and one simply cannot lose their excess weight by following any one of these solutions. Thus, a well planned diet and workout will not only help you in reducing you excess weight, but also will keep you away from several dangerous health disorders. Let us now take a look at some of the best weight loss exercises for women that would help you in overcoming obesity.

Weight Loss Exercises for Women

Stationary Biking and Cycling:

Stationary biking and bicycling are categorized under the cardio exercises and are one of the best ways to reduce weight. Cardio exercises usually boost metabolism activity which then helps in burning the extra fat in the body. In women, excess fat often gets accumulated on the hips, buttocks, and legs. Thus, stationary biking and cycling are the best ways to remove fat from these areas and tone them efficiently. Various experiments conducted on this exercise have proved that one hour of cardio exercise helps you in burning approximately 500-1000 calories.


This is another brilliant way of losing weight. Dancing is just another form of cardio exercise that helps you in burning approximately 200 to 400 calories after one hour of dancing. Regular practice of dancing also helps you in improving your cholesterol levels, slowing down the heart rate, and lowering the blood pressure. Various forms of dance further help you in burning excess calories, building bone density, and sharpening your balance and coordination. Some of the dance forms such as salsa, cha-cha, samba, etc., are literary compared to the intense gym workout. Thus, dancing is one of the major substitutes for the gym workout and efficiently helps in weight loss.


Yes! Swimming definitely helps you in weight loss and is the best way to burn your extra calories. Along with burning your calories, swimming also helps you in relaxing. Swimming nearly uses all of your body muscles and is one of the best exercises for your cardiovascular systems. Regular swimming will definitely help you in losing weight and preventing several diseases, including chronic illness, diabetes, stroke, and other health disorders. Swimming can be done using five different strokes and each of this stroke works on a different muscle set. Thus, swimming with all these stroke is an additional benefit in losing your weight.

Aerobic Exercises:

Aerobic exercise is another great option for burning calories. Results have proved that a consistent performance of aerobic exercise will definitely help you in losing a great amount of weight. Experts suggest that an average 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise for beginners and a 80 minutes of intense aerobic workout for experts would help you out in achieving great weight loss results. Also, the aerobics exercises are easy to perform and can even be performed at home with prior basic training. Thus, one must definitely opt for aerobic exercises for losing their weight.

Stretching Exercise:

Stretching is one of the most important and basic forms of exercise that helps you in losing your weight. The stretching exercises are often followed by the aged who are unable to perform any weight trainings, aerobics, and cardio exercises. However, this exercise is also recommended to all age groups, as it helps in relaxing your muscles and burning out excess fats. Effective stretching helps you in improving the range of motion, increasing flexibility, warming up the muscles, and increasing the blood flow. Definitely, stretching alone will never ever help you in losing your weight, but is important before you start your weight loss training.


Whether you run on a treadmill or on a jogging track, it will help you immensely in losing your weight. Running is the best and simple way to burn out your extra calories and develop a lean muscular body. According to various tests performed, a consistent run for thirty minutes helps you in burning out approximately 500 calories. Apart from losing your weight, running also helps you in increasing your stamina which then helps you in your day to day activities. Women who are unable to run or are more too obese can go for fast walking which gives similar results to that of running.

Meditation and Yoga:

The age old methods of yoga and meditation also help you in losing your weight. Nowadays, a huge number of people choose this option over weight trainings to lose their weight. However, yoga and meditation work different than your ordinary weight loss exercises. The yoga exercises completely rely on the way you breathe. Thus, when you practice yoga for meditation, your breathing creates a natural stress in your body, resulting into effective weight loss. Thus, meditation and yoga have been great options for all those who do not believe in weight trainings or other physical exercises.

Strength Training:

Strength training exercises are for all those who are really dedicated to hardcore or normal fitness workouts. Also, commonly known as the weight trainings, strength training helps you in including all the muscles in your workout program and tones them, giving a perfect lean and muscular look. Many a times, women do not go for the strength training option for weight loss; however, this is one of the best ways to lose your weight as well as tone your body.

The above mentioned exercises for weight loss will definitely help you in understanding the different ways by which you can get rid of excess fat. However, only exercises will never help you in losing your body weight. You must also pay special attention to your diet and follow a perfect nutritional diet that helps you in supporting your daily workouts. Hope the above information helps you in planning your weight loss exercise sessions.

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