Weight Watchers The Diet That Everyone Is Talking About

Weight Watchers is the most popular weight loss program on the planet as of now. But what makes this program so popular? What is the story behind the company? Here’s the history behind the company as well as the advantages and disadvantages of trying out this weight loss program. Here is some of the most vital and important information you need to know about Weight loss pills so you make a right purchase that is best for your body. 

This American company was started in 1963 by Jean Nidetech and since its inception, has grown to operate in over 30 countries worldwide. The reason why this program has become so popular is because it uses a science driven approach to help people to lose weight by eating smarter, inculcating helpful habits, encouraging exercise and also by offering support. As of 2015, Weight Watchers was credited with helping ore people lose 2.6% more weight than others who were in a controlled group over a 12 month period.

Their approach is not to forbid any foods as knowing most people, the forbidden fruit often is the most tempting. Instead, they focus on helping members lose weight by having healthier eating habits as well as through exercises. The way Weight Watchers works is through two primary ways – Online only program or through in-person meetings. During in person meetings, members are encouraged to choose a goal weight which is a healthy BMI.


No Foods are excluded

There are no foods that are forbidden for members to have during this weight loss program. You have SmartPoints as well as FitPoints and it is this point system that encourages people to eat healthy food but also allows you to indulge yourself occasionally.

Kid Friendly

For parents who are part of this program and are worried about where to leave their kids while exercising, they need not worry. There are certain Weight Watcher locations where parents can bring their kids when special meetings are held.

Achieve steady but healthy weight loss

In the beginning members can expect to lose a pound a week which could increase gradually. This is a healthy and realistic amount of weight to lose and the chances of maintaining this weight loss is easier when it continues at a steady pace and keeping it balanced and maintaining that weight loss is easier at a later stage.

Promotes Exercise

It encourages members to exercise daily and also helps in providing new exercises for new members as well as members who want to work out harder to burn more calories.

Encourages Home Cooking

There’s no food like home cooked food and Weight Watchers realizes the advantages of eating a home cooked meal. They also provide recipes and cooking tools to help you learn how to prepare meals that will keep you fit. This is complimented by the SmartPoints in which you measure your serving sizes and eating portions where you control how much you eat.



It can turn out to be quite an expensive program and it largely depends upon the level you choose to undertake. If you are overweight and want to lose more, your costs could go higher. You should consider the final cost of the level you are taking for the entire duration so you know what you are getting into.

Group Meetings are not for everyone

Not everyone is comfortable with baring their personal health problems or even weight information with others. Even though you are not required to talk at the meetings, you may find this a deterrent.

Weekly Weigh-Ins

To keep a track on your weight and progress, you need to come in for a weigh in once a week. This may also deter some people as some may prefer to check their monthly progress instead of a weekly one.

Counting Calories with SmartPoints

It can get a little tedious counting all your calories as this can make everything sound like too much hard work. For people looking to a simple and easy diet plan, this point system may not be to their liking.

Freedom to Eat

The Eating guidelines are not strict and this may prove to be too tempting for many people who are looking to lose weight. They may want a stricter plan where the choice is not up to them.