What Online Dating Questions Are Okay To Not Answer

I came across something I hadn’t seen before: a woman’s profile who left her “body type” blank. Nuh uh, I said – you have to answer that one for me to consider you!

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Of course, I know enough about looking out for the angles, that it’s hard to fool me when it comes to this question. But to me, it’s a self-confidence, and self-comfort issue if a woman doesn’t either answer this, or provide a clear body shot.

In general, do women sandbag in this category? This coule be a product of my aforementioned expertise, but in my experience, not really. Or, if they do, maybe I’ve just managed to adjust?

I have heard, from women, that men tend to lie about their height in their online dating profiles. One woman reported a man saying he was 5’8″, showing up for a date, and being only 5’3.” This is a hard one to verify in a photo, but one’s height, unlike body type, is a hard fact, so this blows my mind. Anyone else experienced this?

Then I noticed an inconstency in my thinking. Why is it that I expect openness and honesty when it comes to the body type issue, but when it comes to income, I don’t care to know – and in return – I don’t answer myself.

It would be hard to argue that this isn’t an important issue. We’ve all heard that money is the main source of arguments and divorce. But, it really turns me off when a woman has income requirements in the “about my date” section of her Match.com profile. I guess I just boil it down to a life-approach philosophy. For me, satisfaction in life comes before money, and I look for the same in a partner. But, I’ll make no bones about the fact that I need to be physically attracted to a partner (at least initially); and with that criterion, comes certain guidelines.

Then again, I’ve dated women whose lavish lifestyles were hard to keep up with; but, I’ve dated other women who made ridiculous amounts of money, with whom this was not an issue in our choice of activities. So, there’s my rationale: it’s a life-approach issue.