2 Remedies for Tennis Elbow Pain At Home

Tennis elbow is a repetitive strain injury that afflicts millions of people each year. Luckily there are simple remedies for tennis elbow pain at home that you can try first before you end up spending a small fortune on Doctors or Physical Therapy.

Before we get to the home remedies, chances are your injury was caused by the overuse of your dominant arm while doing a particular task or job repeatedly or playing some sort of sport where you have to hold an object tightly in your hands such as baseball bat, golf club, tennis racquet, lifting weights, etc.

Even Dentists can suffer from tennis elbow. You would not think they would be at risk but when you think about how often they need to hold tightly their utensils in their hand, multiplied into the number of hours of work per day and then days into weeks, months, years, you quickly get the idea of how much strain and pressure this can put on the ligament, tendons and muscles. Eventually the tendon at the elbow starts to strain and a small tear develops.

The players should take treatment recommendations to accelerate the healing process. The process needs to be fast and secure to reduce the pain from the tennis elbow. The pressure over the forearms is borne through the person to get effective benefits. A comparison can be done among home remedies to select the best one . 

Thankfully there are 2 tennis elbow remedies that you can do at home that will help decrease your pain and tenderness.

1) Ice. The application of ice will help control the inflammation. Within the first couple of weeks of your injury you can expect to have a little swelling in your affected elbow. Here’s where to apply ice for tennis elbow. Apply ice twice a day for at least 10 minutes. Use an ice pack or if you don’t have one, use a bag of frozen peas or freeze water in a “dixie” cup and then peal back the top to expose the ice and apply it this way. Always put a barrier between your skin and the ice to prevent skin damage.

2) The next remedy for tennis elbow involves the use of cold and hot water therapy. Get 2 buckets – fill one with hot water, the other with ice cold water (please add ice to the water!) Then immerse your affected elbow in the hot water for 1 minute and then immediately go into the cold water for 1 minute. Then back to the hot for 2 minutes, then cold for 2 minutes. Finally go 3 minutes in the hot water and finish up in the cold water for 3 minutes.

Those are 2 easy natural remedies for tennis elbow pain that don’t cost a dime. They should be implemented immediately when you learn that you have tennis elbow.

But they are not a permanent fix for tennis elbow. They will help control your symptoms but will not heal your injury. No amount of ice or heat will repair your torn and damaged tendon. You need to go a little further.