8 strategies to combat excess weight

The bitter truth is that our way of life we just have to be thick. We move a little too much here is the result of a form of fat removal. It would seem to lose weight easily. Stopped eating, and all things! But where, then, to take energy for workouts? Deficiency of dietary calories automatically mean lack of energy, and hence a low, almost zero, the effectiveness of training.

No, fitness requires a completely different “recovery” of everyday food. No starvation! All you need is to make in your diet are small, but fundamental changes. For a couple of coaching they fundamentally alter your body.

Before we get into the basic fundamental points, it is important to mention that losing weight is not an easy task at the outset so one must forgo laziness and impatience at the earliest so that things would become easy later on and learning basic yoga would be an added advantage as that would help in increasing your focus and concentration while exercising, which you can learn more through https://www.jewelshealinggarden.com/yoga-burn-12-week-challenge-review/.

  • Start with the head thing is that everything we eat, either because it’s time to eat, or submitting an intuitive push. And in fact, and in another case, eating is unconscious. We offer a fork to his mouth while chatting with a friend, or unfold a piece of candy, thinking about something else, something else. What’s so surprising overeating? The secret of successful women who managed to lose weight, is this: they have mastered what is called “conscious power.” That’s the main rule: first listen, then eat. The idea is to focus entirely on the taste of food, its smell and even color, and listen to your stomach. Try it and you are surprised to feel the stomach talking to you, giving you only audible signals: here I would probably eat another bite, but then I do not want … to communicate with his stomach, as a living companion. Got candy? Directly and ask: if you want? And listen to the answer. Practice this way for weeks, and you change it fundamentally the nature of their food. It turns out that most of the “bite” your stomach does not need, but what the table you will eat at least a third less.

Do not be lazy every time to understand their subjective sensations. Do you really need podzapravitsya or you pulled a meal for company? Or maybe you poured himself another cup of coffee just by inertia? Stop! There’s also two extra tablespoons of sugar!

Make for yourself a nutrition program. Taking into account your lifestyle, schedule and training. For example, in the evening workouts where the day – then at 5 pm right at your desk should have a snack of a protein plate. But in a day of rest do not need.

  • Divide and Conquer To lose weight, we should at least in general terms to represent a biological mechanism for the recruitment of excess weight. In this sense, the main hormone for you – insulin. Postprandial blood dangerously pereslaschivaetsya and thickens. The pancreas secretes insulin, and it “cleans” the blood of sugar. Of the extra insulin “import” into the muscle cells, and the rest turns into fat. If you do not exercise, you need muscle in the “sweet” fuels is minimal. This means that almost all the excess blood sugar is converted into fat and set aside under the skin. Important for you to remember the following. The more you eat, the more insulin to stand out. Well, the more insulin release, the more fat postponed. Overeating occurs when a person eats seldom, in 4 – 5 hours. Important conclusion: to reduce the secretion of insulin to eat little and often.

All carbohydrates are divided into simple and complex. Keep in mind that simple carbohydrates (found in sweets, biscuits, bread, Coke and other sugary carbonated beverages) are easily digested and provoke a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. And it will respond enhanced insulin secretion. Need complex carbohydrates – vegetables, whole grains, brown rice, whole wheat bread, legumes, fruits. They are digested slowly and in addition contain cellulose (shredded vegetable structures, such as corn stalks or shells). But even more fiber slows absorption of carbohydrates. Insulin is allocated entirely to a minimum. If you forget the simple carbohydrates and will proceed in their daily diet at the complex, you will begin to lose weight guaranteed without dieting.

Do not skip meals!

  •  Eat slowly five times a day – about every three hours.
  •  Each meal should be protein, complex carbohydrates and some healthy fats.
  •  Keep track of the size of portions. It should be the size of your palm – no more.
  • Winners always eat breakfast Sport doctors did a great job, interviewing thousands of people who managed to lose weight. The survey showed that they all share one and the same.

Every day, they are tightly breakfast.

  • Stick to low-fat diet.
  • Weekly weigh.
  • Give physical activity for about an hour a day.

If the good (and correct) for lunch, then you do not have time to get hungry for lunch and not eat too much. But the main thing is different. If you regularly skip breakfast, the metabolism gradually slows down. The demand for energy decreases, and the calories eaten are unnecessary. As a result, the age of 30 you only missed lunches will add 3 to 5 extra pounds! Conversely, regular and hearty breakfast in spite of age to maintain a high metabolic rate, even in old age. How do I get myself there in the morning, if do not want to? First: throw a last meal at 7 – 8 pm, not later. During sleep, digestion stops, so that after dinner at midnight you will meet the morning with a full stomach. What kind of breakfast! Second, do the morning run. It so happens that the stomach is empty, but simply not had time to “wake up”. Just for this occasion and need a run and then a cool shower and rubbing a rough towel.

If you want to lose weight, never comes out of the house without a hearty breakfast! What’s for breakfast? Only complex carbohydrates! Here is a classic example of the morning menu. Oatmeal boiled in water, it added powdered protein, a teaspoon of peanut (or any vegetable) oil, a little chopped fruit or berries. Plus a slice of wholemeal bread and a cup of coffee without sugar. Plus a multivitamin capsule.

Do not skip breakfast!

 “Correct” breakfast helps you lose weight faster. Morning menu should include complex carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

 If time does not quickly mix in a blender a couple of bags of “pischezamenitelya” (with skim milk, water or juice).

  • More fiber 

thinner waist you already know that fiber slows digestion of carbohydrates. Because of this, insulin is allocated is not enough. But where do I get this same tissue in this age of refined foods? Nutritionists advise spice fiber ordinary dishes. Cooked rice? Add the vegetables. Pharmacies can be found in the cellulose powder. This can be spiked into a protein shake or oatmeal.

At least once a day to eat corn flakes. A good option: a salad of fresh cabbage ordinary. In any case, the fiber in the diet – your best friend. Always carry a handbag small apple. There’s a lot of fiber. Once or twice a day Eat fruit salad.

Increase fiber intake is very simple – go for whole grains and add to dishes while cooking bran. The benefit is obvious: you’ll long to feel satiated, less risk that you move out, and intestines will work no better example.

 Replace refined carbohydrates (white bread, rice, pasta, flour from soft varieties), carbohydrates, rich in fiber (oatmeal, whole grain breads, brown rice).

  • More water! No water and no life really. Water plays a vital role in the processes of digestion, body temperature regulation, lubrication of the joints, maintaining skin moisture and high muscle tone. The water supplies oxygen, glucose and nutrients to every cell of the body and then takes out the harmful toxins. If you drink too little, the body begins to store water for future use. The results are: swelling under the eyes. In addition, because of water shortages we are beginning to tire faster than usual, suffer from constipation, tormented by the brutal starvation … But it’s so simple – drink ordinary water!

When you are overweight, the water should be your number one fat burner. Recent studies revealed that water plays a key role in regulating the metabolic rate. It was found that dehydration slows metabolism, and with it the “burning” of fat. Besides, the less you drink, the higher the concentration of sodium ions in the body. But sodium is known to retain water in the tissues. In the end, you “swells” and do much more thicker. For example, a half teaspoon of salt causes a delay and a half liters of water in the intestine. Your waist is wider than the 2.5-4 cm!

First, calculate how much water you need per day. To do this, multiply your weight in kilograms by 30 ml. For example, if you weigh 63 kg, one day you should drink about 2 liters of water. And it’s about 9 cups.

Monitoring the right amount of water is so. To run on small you have to every 2 – 3 hours. Urine should be clear or even pale yellow. Saturated yellow says a severe shortage of liquid.

  • In health there is a color Bright colors of vegetables and fruits nature has given a reason. For the color of tomato or lettuce “responsible” biologically active substances of plant origin, the so-called phytochemicals. These are the same antioxidants, but much more powerful. They protect cells from DNA damage to natural and thereby save the cells from cancerous transformation. In addition, anti-oxidants inhibit inflammatory process in the body. The bright color of many fruits and vegetables – a warning that within them lies a powerful weapon against many diseases. Colorful chemical pigments – that protects our genes, eye, heart, is what reduces the risk of cancer and other ailments. Experts recommend eating a daily basis for 5 – 9 servings of fruits and vegetables. Statistics, however, argues that the average Russian gets only 2 servings per day. And about 10% of respondents did not eat any vegetables or fruits!

Understand whether you eat, by the color of the contents of your refrigerator. If dominated by faded beige and white tones, then your diet is poor in phytochemicals and too caloric. “Paint” your diet and you will definitely lose a few extra pounds is because fruits and vegetables carry a lot less calories than cakes, muffins, pasta or potatoes. Look closely at your plate. Not too much is at her white and beige? If your typical still life – it’s salad “Olivier”, deep fried potatoes and a piece of fried pork in breadcrumbs, must be resolutely changed food!

Choose more dark-green, juicy-red, rich purple, bright orange-yellow, and cheerfully plant products. As a rule, they contain the most vitamins, minerals and protective fitoveschestv.

 Replace the traditional side dishes like vegetables, pasta and potatoes. Instead of baking Serve fruit.

  • Do not be afraid of fat Full waiver of fat

a fatal mistake. Fats – is not only mandatory component of the diet. They even help to lose weight! At first glance this statement seems to be completely meaningless. Meanwhile, the body fat “guilty” is not only the excess fat in the diet, and hormones, particularly insulin. Fats inhibit the secretion of insulin, as well as his smaller, the less fat you have on the sides.

But that’s not all. The less fat you eat, the worse it is fat metabolism. Simply put, “burning” of fat slows down, because the body ceases to consider it a major source of energy. And rightly so, because the fat in the diet too little! However, fats are different. Need vegetable fats and omega-3 (from fish). But animal fats banned. If animal fats raise blood pressure, blood cholesterol levels and significantly increase the risk of heart attack, vegetable fats and omega-3 fats are the exact opposite.

Include in the diet, flaxseed or canola oil. Eat walnuts, peanuts and avocados. They are excellent sources of healthy fats.

Eat at least two servings of fish per week. Especially useful for mackerel, salmon, sardines, anchovies, trout.

Drastically reducing consumption of animal fats. They “hide” all meat and dairy products. And totally abstain from the trans-margarines, spreads.

8.Banish away sadness – sadness Stresses interfere with losing weight. And this is scientific fact. Here’s how: when the brain “records” stress (no matter what it is called – a scandal with her husband or heat on the street), he falls into an alarm signal the adrenal glands (tiny glands at the tips of hormonal kidneys), and they secrete a “stress” hormone cortisol. Formally, this hormone must increase your strength at the expense of additional energy derived from the “burning” their muscle tissue. However, research has shown that along the way he provokes the deposition of fat in the waist. This, in turn, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, in order to prevent those extra pounds and heart disease, it is important to avoid stress. This wish seems impossible. But only at first glance.

Any stimulus is a critical threshold, beyond which it becomes for us to stress. So, the more you endorphins in the blood, the higher this is the threshold beyond which begins the secretion of cortisol. Endorphins are actively allocated during exercise. And what do you think? Athletes and indeed much less affected as the heat, the one from the cold. Their home, “stress” is much higher than that of ordinary mortals. The second factor – a growth hormone. More than it is, the lower sensitivity to stress. Growth hormone is produced during sleep, including daytime and during an afternoon fiesta. That is why honest night’s rest and relaxation after dinner (as well as sport) can be called the main points of weight loss program.

Try to sleep at least eight hours a day.

Exercise more, but alternate intense workouts with days of rest to tired muscles recovered. Otherwise, an excess of physical activity by itself would be stressful.

To the monotony of fitness – stress does not become a stress for your mind, try new kinds for themselves aerobic activity – sports dance, tennis, badminton, cycling. At the same time raise the level of endorphins!

Be sure to find time to sit quietly with a book, listen to music or do something so that you are appeasing.