All About The Aspire Premium Starter Kit – Specs And Reviews

If youre wondering about the Aspire Premium Starter Kit, you should know thats really just one starter vaporizing kit in the Aspire line, however, it holds the distinction of being the most expensive yet the highest rated. In this article, were going to tell you more about this product and what you might expect from it.

If youre like most people, youre probably more curious about the price of this product than anything else. After all, having the word premium in the name should mean that its expensive and that it costs over $100, right? However, for a premium cigar kit, the Aspire Premium Starter Kit is actually very cheap. While the normal retail price is $80, there are actually online stores that sell it for $18 less, at$62 each. Before you think that its the price of rip-off, you should know that most online stores get their supplies from online wholesalers, and that the more units they buy, the cheaper the price per unit of a product. So, you really shouldnt be surprised if there are stores that offer discounts as deep as that one.

As for the quality of the product itself, there are several websites that name it the bet starter kit of 2014. The criteria for the honor are collated from the vaping experience of users, and the overall perceived value of the product. But having the word best attached to its name really shouldnt come as a surprise. After all, all of Aspires products, even the ordinary starter kits have always been of high-quality.

This starter kit is made up of an Aspire variable voltage battery and the Aspire Nautilus Mini, which is is the hardware of this premium starter kit. It is tank clearomizer thats made of pyrex glass and stainless steel. It utilizes the revolutionary Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) atomizer technology. BVC technology is what allows vapers to taste the cleanest and purest taste from their choice of e-liquids. This experience is enhanced by the Nautilus Minis four-port airflow system which you can use to warmth of vapor, adjust the draw, and the quantity of the vapor produced. This will make your vape experience even more exciting and fun. Another good thing about this device is that it is very easy to install, carry and refill. Hence, it goes beyond the traditional vape that is very difficult to deal with.

The Nautilus minis design makes it easy to install, carry and refill.

The battery that powers the Nautilus Mini is a high-end batter system thats encased in a tube coated in carbon fiber, and comes with stainless steel endpoints and a metal button. As we said earlier, the battery is variable voltage, meaning you can adjust the power to a high or low depending on your preference. If you know anything about vaporizers, you already know that some e-liquid flavors are either enhanced or diminished by the voltage used.

We looked at some of the reviews for this product but were not surprised that it has ratings of five stars on several websites. Most users gush at how easy it is to clean and how theyre able to taste the flavor of their favorite e-liquid better because of the fantastic air flow, and how it never seems to leak, unlike other kits.

 Probably the only disadvantage to this starter kit is that it does NOT come with free e-liquids. You will need to buy a supply separately. But this really shouldnt be a problem considering that there are many, many online stores out there that sell vape e-liquids, often at a discount. Also, the battery life could be an issue for heavy vapers, it only lasts a day if you take more vapor than most people.

People who are heavy tobacco smokers have an ally in this starter kit. You can trick your mind into believing that youre still smoking, even though youre only vaping nicotine-free e-liquids.

You can buy your Aspire Premium Starter Kit from many vape stores on the Internet. While these stores sell the same quality product, they can and do differ in their shipping policies. Some are more prompt than others. That said, make sure to read the reviews, and at the same time compare the prices, of at least three stores before buying. Definitely, you can find a better deal that way.