Cannabis Cultivation A Complete Growers Guide Review

While some would say that growing marijuana is far from being the hardest or most complicated job in the world, to a beginner it can seem like a real nightmare, which is precisely what books such as “Cannabis Cultivation – A Complete Growers Guide” by Mel Thomas were meant to fix. In other words, Cannabis Cultivation is a book specifically designed for beginners who don’t know anything about the growth business. It teaches how to set up both soil and hydroponics gardens in great detail, and what’s best the author sticks to very simple tools and techniques, meaning that in the end, the tricks taught here are real money savers.

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What Cannabis Cultivation – A Complete Growers Guide Brings to the Table

  • It contains 230 pages dedicated to the soil garden and hydroponics growth methods.
  • It teaches you how to do everything on a tight budget with the simplest of tools.
  • It provides very simple and easy instructions literally anyone could follow.
  • It focuses on minimizing the amount of space needed to grow while maximizing the yield.
  • It comes with plenty of color photographs and illustrations that make things even easier.
  • It goes beyond the call of duty and provides useful tips, tricks and bits of information.

The Cannabis Cultivation – A Complete Growers Guide Pros

And so, how exactly are you to benefit from this book? To begin, the book covers a very wide range of subjects, many of which are omitted by other growth books. It’s photographs and illustrations are very useful and just make the steps that much easier to follow through with. It is extremely detailed and factual, without any sensationalism or anything of the sort; you can bet the house that the information provided in Cannabis Cultivation is accurate. There is absolutely no beating around the bush, and if you are a beginner this will be more than enough to get you started seeing as how it teaches you how to get things done with a minimum amount of resources.

The Cannabis Cultivation – A Complete Growers Guide Cons

To be frank, there really aren’t that many important drawbacks to Cannabis Cultivation – A Complete Growers Guide. Some people may find the dry and factual style to be boring and unappealing which can make for a drawn-out read. However, it should be kept in mind that this isn’t a novel or some kind of fairy tale; it’s a guide book on how to grow cannabis. I guess it can also be said that some of the color photographs are a bit superfluous and don’t really help with anything other than to fill in the pages. Other than that, the only possible con that comes to mind is that the book wasn’t longer and didn’t cover more growth methods, something I’m sure many of those who have purchased it would have welcomed with open arms.

The Final Verdict

All things taken into consideration, Cannabis Cultivation is one of the best marijuana growth books a beginner could buy. It covers two growing methods in extreme detail, it is easy to follow, it supplements the teachings with plenty of visual content, doesn’t beat around the bush and provides tons of useful information about the growth process in general. If this will be your first time growing this is definitely the book you want to have by your side despite its negligible drawbacks.