Sleep Meditation Get Restful Sleep – Get the details

Using sleep meditation is a great way of relaxing after a busy day in order to fall asleep faster, and get a more restful night. According to some research it has proven to be more efficient than changing your sleep habits. Here is what you need to know about sleep meditation and some simple practices to get you started.

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As Easy as Counting Sheep

A stressful day at work, that never ending To-Do list that just keeps growing and too much screen or cell phone time – there are many reasons why it is hard to relax at bed time. We’ve all heard the remedy of counting sheep to help us get to sleep. Counting sheep is a lot like meditation. It helps you focus on just one thing, and clears your mind of anything else, so you can freely enjoy a restful night’s sleep without interruption. Meditation helps a person to focus on moment-by-moment experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Plus, it’s much more effective than counting sheep.

Sleep Meditation Proven to Reduce Insomnia

A study was conducted with 49 middle-aged adults that had sleeping issues. Half of the group was put into a mindfulness awareness program (sleep meditation) and the other half was put into a sleep education class (on improving sleep habits). A comparison was done and after six meetings – one time per week, for just two hours – and it showed that the mindfulness group slept better with fewer instances of insomnia, depression, and fatigue than the other group.

The study demonstrates how relaxing ones mind can really assist a person to relieve the stress of the day, and instill calmness – which in turn will help them sleep better.

How to Use Sleep Meditation

Now you know that sleep meditation can help guide you into a restful state, but you may not be sure on how to begin. Here are a few ways to get you stared:

  1. Listen to a guided meditation while lying in bed getting ready to sleep. You can find some guided sleep meditations online.
  2. Counter stress with muscle relaxation. Progressive muscle relaxation is one way to ease the tension of the muscles into a relaxed state one-by-one. It takes a total of 10 to 15 minutes.

How It Works: Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and quiet your mind. Tense and relax your muscles one at a time. For example, start with your eyes and nose. Close your eyes tightly or wrinkle your nose and then relax. Do this for every muscle group. If you find that some muscles are still tense then repeat for those muscles 3 to 4 times until relaxed. Once you have gone through the whole body, it will be easier to drift off to sleep.

  1. Mindfulness meditation focuses on feelings to help relax your mind. If you have ever taken yoga before, this is a lot like Savasana. Lie down in your bed with the covers on you as if going to sleep. Take deep breaths as you to look at your feelings one after another and let them melt away. Take whatever you are feeling in the moment or that you felt during the day, recognize it, and let it go. This helps you get rid of all the worries and problems you faced over the course of the day. It helps get you more focused on loosening the tensions of the day, so you can finally relax.

Focus on your physical body, too, while taking deep breaths in and out. Is your weight distributed evenly? How well is your head resting on the pillow? Observe the temperature of the room and the circulation of the air moving around you. Observe any tension you are feeling and incorporate the progressive muscle relaxation technique. Focus on your breathing and then allow yourself to switch off your body and go to sleep.

Find the technique that works best for you

Sleep meditation is a necessary treatment for your busy mind. Be sure to try them all and find which technique works best for you. Use it every night.