Can Marijuana Help Weight Loss? Know the reality!!

There has been a lot of talk recently regarding the “marijuana diet”. Cannabis is often associated with “the munchies” which results in people eating more food than they need. It had been previously understood that cannabis users on average consume many hundreds of calories more than non-smoking individuals, but a recent study suggests otherwise. If you freeze your thigh fat effectively, then the reduction in the weight is effective. There is the availability of desired results to the individuals. The burning of the calories is possible with the correct freezing.

The AJM (American Journal of Medicine) completed a survey of just under 5000 adults (males and females) and discovered that individuals who use cannabis approximately 3 to 5 times a week had fasting insulin levels around 15% lower than non-users.

For those of you who don’t know what Insulin is, it is a substance created by the pancreas in your body, and allows the transfer of sugars to pass through the walls of the cell to be converted into energy. If your pancreas produces too much Insulin, the body will absorb more sugars as a result which will result in tiredness. The opposite effect of inhibited Insulin production will result in a sugar build up. Cannabis use seems to regulate the process of glucose absorption, aswell as improving levels of “good cholesterol” – though understanding of how this process works is still subject to much debate and ongoing research.

Researchers have hypothesised that cannabis can keep your weight in check by interfering with certain receptors based predominantly in the brain. The job of these receptors is to manage the appetite and memory of the brain, and when these receptors come into contact with Cannabidiol, it can result in lapses of memory and a vast appetite. But, it has been found that these receptors can become immune to these triggering events making the user much less likely to put on additional weight.

It is vitally important to select the right cannabis strains to help you to lose weight. Certain strains from South Africa have been proven to reduce your appetite because they possess a substance called THCV. This substance blocks the psychoactive element in cannabis (THC) which prevents you from getting “high” and subsequently prevents you from increasing your appetite.

To identify and use cannabis strains which contain THCV, ask your cannabis distributor to recommend certain strains they offer that could help with weight loss, and they will be able to identify a suitable option.

Whilst using cannabis has been proven to aid in the reduction of build ups of plaque in the body’s arteries whilst aiding the absorption of Glucose, if there is a lot of fats and sugars in your daily intake that is not burned off, this will result in you gaining weight. To maximise your chances of losing weight, please ensure you exercise whilst using cannabis. Good luck!