Confused about how to choose the best hammers? Here are some hammer specific tips

If you are a newcomer into the field of tools and building materials but want to do all your home projects on your own, then the most important and used element you will need is a hammer. No matter what is your DIY home improvement project, you will surely need the help of a hammer. Without it, your toolkit will not be completed. 

Now while choosing the hammer, there are various tips that one need to take care of, like the strengths of the hammer, its balance and most importantly, the types of hammer you will need. That is why here is a list of the best demolition hammer 2021 that you should know about before choosing the best one for your work.

Light Duty Claw Hammer 

The claw hammer is the most common hammers that can be seen around in the household. In this kind of hammers, there is a hitting side and a claw that helps remove nails from the walls and furniture. The striking head is cylindrical shaped and is used to hit the surfaces and nails hard. This hammer is available in two different types; the first one has a wooden handle, and the other has a metallic handle with a plastic material coating for grip. 

The size of the hammer may vary, and while choosing the hammer points you should keep in your mind are:-

  • What are the tasks that you are thinking of performing through this hammer in your home?
  • Are you looking to work with small-sized nails or some large-sized nails?
  • Do you want the old and classic wooden handle hammer or the modern and stylish metal base hammer?

Ball-Peen Hammer

The next hammer is a ball-peen hammer in which there is a striking surface like the claw hammer. The shape is cylindrical, but there is a difference on the other side of the hammer. In the ball-peen hammer, instead of claws, there is a deformed semi-circular structure under for peening of soft materials. The materials for which the ball-peen hammer is used are small metallic items or hardened dowel pins. This hammer’s main purpose is to use for that material for which the claw hammer is large. 

This hammer is also known for rounding off the surfaces of rivel, which is helpful in joining two materials. When buying this hammer, you should check out the following. 

  • The material that is used is the ball-peen hammer is durable or not. There are instances when the material is not durable, due to which chances of a crack in the hammer are high, especially on the circular side. 
  • It would help if you looked at the size of the peen that you normally require. It plays a great role in the selection of these hammers as there are various varieties of peens available in the market. 

Lineman’s hammer 

For knocking around heavy and solid objects, the lineman’s hammer is used. It is a heavy-duty hammer on which the force that a person applies to the hammer is less. Instead, the weight of the hammer plays an important role. It will get the task done automatically. The main surface of this hammer is also cylindrical, but the difference is that it is broad. On the other hand, the rear side of this hammer is a little pointed. The main purpose of this site is to apply force to the small area and increase the impact. 

Most of the time, blacksmiths used this type of hammer and used to form a specific shape of hot metal. People don’t prefer this hammer to use at home. If you are a blacksmith, then you should keep the following things in your mind while buying the hammer. 

  • The weight of the hammer is very important in the case of this hammer. The heavier the metal you want to knock, the heavier will be the metal required by you. 
  • You have to look at the back portion of the hammer as the weight of the front portion is too much. That is why to maintain a proper balance of the hammer; one should only buy the hammer, which is strong enough. 


If you are at your home and want to work on some delicate object, you will need a mallet hammer. This is a hammer that is made for a striking object without the motive of breaking or damaging it. The weight of this hammer is very less, which is suitable for nudging the objects. Both the sides of this hammer are plain and are made of various materials. The task of piercing a metal is also done very properly with this hammer’s help by hitting on cutting or piercing tools. 

Some things that should be kept in mind while buying this hammer are mentioned below. 

  • First of all, you should decide what is material of hammer that you want to buy? These hammers come in various metals, rubbers and even wooden hitting surfaces. For that, you should list up your requirement and then make a decision. 
  • The balance of these hammers is very important because when you use such hammers, then there is a possibility of its jump back, which can be only saved with the adequately balanced hammer. 
  • It would help if you also considered the chisels and cutting tools you want to hit with this hammer, as most of them are tool-specific. 

These are the best demolition hammer 2021 which a person can consider. While buying any one of these hammers, you should not forget the tips related to them to land the best hammer.