How To Get Thick Eyelashes – Know About The Features

The amount of effort women put into primping their eyelashes daily is astounding. Curling, heating, brushing, rubbing, plucking and applying – yet, many women don’t know that we need to take care of our eyelashes the same as any other part of our body.

The impact of the right DIY eyelash extensions is available on the body of the people. The checking of the features is essential to choose the correct product. You can use them daily to get attractive and impressive look. You can gather complete details to have the benefits of the eyelashes.

Thicker eyelashes give the illusion of a wider eye. So how come we aren’t doing more to be proactive about our eyelash health?

The truth is, thick eyelashes stem from healthy lashes.

The healthier your eyelashes are, the more likely they are going to grow in thick and dense. Many eyelash serums make lashes look plump and will help strengthen hairs over time, therefore, adding to the thickness of the hair follicle.

How to get thick eyelashes

So, how can a girl go about getting dream-worthy thick lashes?

Just like the hair on your head, having a healthy diet and getting the proper nutrients into your body is important. Just green vegetables can give our hair that extra bit of natural shine, drinking lots of water and eating properly can provide strength for our delicate lashes.

Even though having the right nutrients is important, sometimes it is just not enough. Even though we mean well, sometimes our lashes are just plain short. Understanding the growth cycle of our eyelashes is important. Even though lashes fall out, they still grow back just like regular hair. This also means we have to protect them the same way.

#1. Using fake eyelash extensions

Although synthetic extensions are okay for a quick-fix, over time, they can actually adversely affect your original lashes. Not only may the glue cause irritation around the lash line, the tugging and pulling can make the hairs prone to falling out more often than usual.

If you are a big fan of fake lashes, I’d recommend moving towards a more natural, permanent approach, such as using eyelash serums that promote healthy growth cycles in your eyelashes. Not to mention, it’s a lot less hassle to apply a serum once a day.

#2. Eyelash curlers

Using eyelash curlers can be a good short-term solution, also. If you want to get good curves and bends on your lashes, this can be a quick way to achieve that before you go out. Applying excess pressure on your lashes can cause them to become brittle over time, so it’s not a good long-term solution.

#3. Natural ways to get thick eyelashes

Almond oil and olive oil

Applying a little bit of this to your eyelid every evening before bed can help moisturize and condition your lashes. These fortifying agents protect and strengthen the eyelashes from external forces that may cause them to break.

Vitamin E lotion

Vitamin E has been known to support healthy follicle growth. These kinds of lubricants not only keep your eyelashes nourished, they also clean them to avoid junk from causing irritation.


Vaseline is such a versatile product and can be used for just about anything. Spread some of this multi-purpose cream on your lid and experience a very healthy response.

Natural options are good for women who don’t really want to see results right away. These ingredients take a long time to fully absorb and see physical results. Eyelash serums are specifically made to speed up the process so you can see longer eyelashes in weeks.

#4. Use serums specifically for thickness in lashes

Eyelash serums provide multiple benefits for women that are looking to get thicker, more noticeable lashes. When applied to your lashes daily, these powerful potions can give your eyes the appearance, texture and thickness you’ve been craving. When wondering how to get thick eyelashes, serums are one of the best options when you want to expedite growth and length.

One product that is designed specifically for when you’re looking to get thick eyelashes is Idol Lash. This product will help intensify the moisturizing and hair growth of your lashes.

Idol Lash is a product that is highly recommended by most women who have tried it. It claims to increase density, thickness and length of your lashes by 80% in just 4 – 6 weeks with daily application. They will even send you a free bonus package when you order.