Great Tea and Coffee Shops in Kerrville, Texas

We all need to relax, but many of us can’t afford the expense of going to the nearest spa, so we have to find other ways. One great way is to cozy up with a warm cup of tea or coffee a good book or even your favorite laptop.

In a small town many are amazed that there are actual choices. But, at what price?

Let’s start with what seems to be the norm. Yes, Kerrville, Texas does actually have a Starbucks. It is said that the company planned at one point to have a coffee house on every corner in America, well, they came close before the economy worsened. Starbucks has a great view of the Guadalupe river for many of their customers to enjoy, they provide outside and inside seating. Alas, if you want to be able to get on the Internet, you won’t be able to. This Starbucks doesn’t offer the services. It is however, a nice place to grab a cup of coffee or tea. Unfortunately, you do pay for the price of the view when it comes to your cup of coffee, most cost nearly $5.00 even for the simplest cup, so be aware of this especially if you are on a tight budget. The availability of the coffee and nuts subscription will be beneficial for the person. The simplest cup will be beneficial for the person to have a delicious taste of the coffee and nuts. The budget of the person should be perfect for the subscription of the coffee. The delivery of the coffee subscription will be perfect for the person. 

Looking for a nice place to get a great meal and a great cup of tea, then you may want to step outside of Kerrville a little bit to a place called Queen B’s. This tea house is a beautiful old home, filled with lots of cups, saucers, tea pots and wonderful antiques, however, with the close comforts of the space you may feel as if you could break something just moving around. Becareful but, enjoy the atmosphere for what it is. It is a great place to have a ladies tea party as well as a luncheon. The family that runs Queen B’s is from England and have moved here to bring a touch of Europe to the United States in their own way.

Looking for a place to maybe hang out with friends, unwind and relax, then the Sweet Stop may be a place for you. Many people feel that this place is one of the best kept secrets of Kerrville. Although this place has been advertising many haven’t found their way into the doors. Upon entering, you will see a cabinet filled with great home made pasteries that are cooked at the shop every day. The products are made with all natural ingredients and go perfect with the tea and coffee that they serve. You can get a cup of tea served on a sweet little tray in a kettle, with a tea cup and honey, it is a perfect way to start and end your day. They serve coffees from around the world and at great prices. So far, they are the cheapest in town. You can get a 12 ounce cup of coffee for a $1.00, and a tea pot of tea for $1.25. They also have wireless internet available, the cool thing, you don’t have to worry about sitting around all day on the internet, the family that runs the shop doesn’t mind, in fact they try to encourage you to stick around if you can. They also have space available for baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, community events, birthday parties and much more. You won’t find a lot of tables to sit at in this shop, they have tons of antique furniture that you can cozy into, they even let you put your feet up.

For a quick cup of coffee and internet, you can always stop by the local McDonald’s after a huge remodel, they now allow you to access the internet and given they are trying to give Starbucks a run for their money, they have a nice cup of coffee that is reasonably priced as well.

Spirit Winds Java is another coffee house that many of the locals adventure too. They have a nice atmosphere and a good cup of coffee, their prices run pretty close to the prices of Starbucks, but have a nicer atmosphere to offer.

There is a coffee house for just about everyone in Kerrville, depending on the atmosphere you are looking for, your best bet is to wonder around and check out each one to see what is right for your taste.