Summer Vacations- Occasions to Watch out For

This is going to be an interesting read for many of the readers out there as this is something that is right up their alley as they are waiting out for this time of the year all the time.

When it comes to time, there are 24 hours in a day and 12 months in a year and each is as different from the other as chalk from cheese and all of them have their own significance in our lives.

There are numerous seasons that fall within the timeline like summer, winter, spring and autumn but not necessarily in that order as this is purely for understanding purposes and so we are going to talk about summer as that is the chosen topic for this article.


Summer usually begins during the first week of April, taking over from autumn and lasting for nearly six months that means half a year, which is much more than the duration of all other seasons.

This goes on to show the importance of summer but that does not mean that other seasons are less important or irrelevant but just that it is the laws of nature that make it appear so and not because it lasts for a longer period than its other counterparts.

The summers have always been met with mixed reactions across the globe as half the people enjoy it for the vacations that give them a respite from work while the other half simply cannot tolerate the heat and its waves are so strong that they suck the juice out of them.

It is a well known fact that it is easy to tolerate the peak winter season with its beastly cold that bites into the skin but it is cruelly intolerable during peak summer season as the heat waves make you to perspire within minutes of stepping out of the house.

Working out a Way

Luckily, the summer vacations are just to provide the necessary tonic from the heat and also it is the perfect opportunity to hang out with friends or go out to another destination with the entire family like a hill station or water park.

While children are partial to amusement parks but this is not the right time to go as its June and summer is at its peak and most merciless phase and form so the above two are better options.

A beach trip is also an excellent idea to try out as this is the perfect time to do so as it is in town as well where you just need to take a few essentials with you to get to enjoy the cool waves and get relief from the heat.

If it’s a beach destination, then it is inevitable to take along a paddle board because there is no beach trip without surfing as there is bound to be a competition to heat things up to go with the summer heat.

Unique Device

A paddle board is an excellent tool to take along but people that are averse to surfing will not be able to manage on a regular board so it is better to choose a stand up paddle pfd to make things easy for them.

Let us now look at some important stand up paddle board for beginners and they are as follows:

  • Planing Hull-

This is one of the best paddles that people new to surfing can try out without any problem as it has multiple uses like paddling, yoga and boating due to its wide and flat structure that is mistaken for a surfboard at first glance

  • Displacement-

It is quite different from the first one as it has a sharp and pointy front end with hulls that are displaced in nature hence the name and easily cuts through water with very little effort, thereby making the ride soft and smooth

  • Solid and Inflatable-

There are certain stand up paddles that come in different forms like some are solid on the water surface while others can be inflated and deflated depending upon the situation and the body mass of an individual

  • Personal Floatation Device (PFD)-

Stand up paddles have a PFD or life jacket that would allow people to stay afloat in water and is the perfect lifeguard for non-swimmers