Financial Advisors: Why They Should Be Your New Best Friend!

With the economy in its volatile state at best due to underlying factors such as housing, equity and commodity market declines, growing interest, CPI and inflation rates and company lay-offs, it sure seems as if recessionary implications are becoming written on the wall. This legitimate “Bull Market” is evident as vicious “sell offs” take place daily with the nasty taste of the stock market decline of 2001, remaining fresh in investors heads. For the long term investor, these implications are not as crucial as it is for the unfamiliar or here and now investor that will quickly liquefy their assets and head for the sidelines to get out of the game. Welcome-Your financial investor! Help and hope are on the horizon for many of you that need some financial assistance and to be literally picked up off the floor.

This downward spiraling trend in the stock market is causing many investors to sell their positions and liquefy their assets or placing them in the cash and treasuries, hence the popularity of the 30 year bond over the past several weeks. This is all good except for the fact that the dollar is declining at an alarming rate. Maybe the answer to this problem is to invest in gold or other hard assets. What ever road you choose to travel, a financial adviser can assist you to hopefully survive this volatile and cloudy picture.

Their are different types of financial investors when dealing with large institutions and businesses. Those that are on the buying side and those that are on the selling side. However, I shall focus this article on the financial planners and investors that deal with the financial needs of individual investors.

By incorporating a financial investor into the picture, many of you will be better able to become PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE. Your ability to adjust(buy and sell securities, stocks, bonds, mutual funds etc.) and diversify your portfolio based on the market on any given day affords you the flexibility to to work closely with your financial adviser in efforts of determining your best options with optimal results.

Financial advisors can also help you out in starting your own business with a few pointers where you can gauge the opportunity for yourself and establish good relations with them while is the platform to begin.

The main goal of financial advisor’s/planners is the development of a close knit relationship between client and adviser, in efforts to produce the best case scenario for the client based on their financial goals and dreams. This involvement can pertain to forecasting, budgeting, investing, allocation of assets, retirement, financial tools and taxation relief that can substantially alter your aspirations and that of your family as well now or as well as in the future.

By working with a financial adviser, you can be assured that you will have the most recent stock market/mutual funds/bonds/securities etc. tracking and updates along with key issues and stories that can have a profound effect on the state of the economy and industrial average implications. Financial advisor’s are basically you “Monarch Notes” or cheat sheets that can enable you to have focus your attention on other things while your adviser works closely with the markets and economic stimulus’s or lack thereof that can dramatically affect your portfolio and financial outcome.

Financial advisor’s receive a commission based on the service they provide. Fees can also be a “fee only” where 100% of their commission is based solely on client compensation and not referral fees attributed with services or products. These issues will often times be discussed initially and negotiated as to terms of agreement, price, commission, payment plans and times for being paid.

I can assure you that IF you are not to familiar with the stock market and other financial variables or don’t have the time to dedicate to the ever changing markets, or want to better yourself as well as that of your family financially regarding issues such as retirement, schooling, taxation breaks, purchase of a car or house or other monetary issues, a financial adviser can greatly enable you the flexibility and advantages that are associated with a financial adviser/planner! It can make the difference between living the good life or going broke in no time if you play your cards right.