Helpful Ways To Secure Your Garage

The garage is one of the burglars’ most favorite passageways on every home, so it is crucial and obligatory to secure your garage for your valuable things such as cars, bikes, and other essential tools.

Imagine your family is having a vacation for a week, and during that week, you’re having anxiety thinking if your home is safe or not. To secure your home from burglars, Listed below are some elaborated and helpful information to help you achieve your home garage. Without further ado, let’s start.

Secure your garage door

Most of the car owners keep the door opener on their cars because it’s easier for automatic open, and it looks cool, but without them knowing it is more accessible to the burglars as well to snatch it. The most convenient and safest way is to keep the door opener inside your house. Or, if you ever happened to bring the remote, keep it locked inside the glove compartment.

The most basic tip is to keep your garage door closed all the time. Most of the time, homeowners do that but forgets to lock their garage doors due to work or school rush. One of the smart suggestions, so you will not forget to lock the doors, is to set a daily alarm or notifications for you to be reminded.

Block your windows for privacy and prevent anyone from peeking inside the garage. Do not let anyone have a clue to break into your house. Keep your garage windows tinted or frosted. Burglars are more likely lured if your valuable items are seen visibly from your home.

Care to choose a secure garage door for your perspective. Here are some different recommendations for your garage doors.

Up and Over Garage Doors 

This garage door is a classic one, extremely popular, and it requires a quite more significant area but, it’s a budget-friendly kind. A low-priced type, manual garage door, but it is easy for opening and closing.

Sectional Garage Doors 

This garage door is impressive as it is a soundless type and smooth during the operation. It is easy to engage since it is an automated type, so you can just activate the push-button or remote to operate. However, horizontal tracks are needed for this, and it requires a bigger ceiling space.

Insulated Roller Garage Doors 

This garage door is simple yet designed to be reliable and secure. It saves space than the others because it has a novoshield cover that rolls up the door curtain when you open the door. You can pick out options whether you operate it in manual or automatic. However, horizontal tracks are needed as well, but only a compact space on the door side ceiling only. The price is quite high but very secure.

Install home security systems

Burglar Alarms

Alarms are handy for burglar detection. How does it work? An electrical circuit with sensors is attached to the doors and windows if someone tried to open one of those doors or windows, the sensor perceives, and it automatically activates the siren signal or strobe light.

Some alarm system includes a motion detector that scans broad areas inside the house. When the alarm system detects motion from a distance, the siren activates. Even the slightest interruptions and movements will be perceived by this kind of alarm system. It can be preprogrammed, so wanderers during the night hours like family pets will discern but will not be detected by the alarm system.

Security Cameras

A security camera lets you monitor or record the activity in your house, especially when you’re at the office or having a vacation. It lets you monitor with real-time using your smartphones or laptops. It may not stop a crime or accident, but it records and helps catch a culprit by reviewing the recorded videos.

Nowadays, technology has been upgraded a lot, and there are improvised security cameras to choose from. 360° & 720° security cameras are available for better and wide recording experience compared to the usual cameras. These cameras have better resolution and quality as well and can zoom in with still better quality even though it is bent compared to the normal one. For better reviews, there are lots of camera blog reviews online from that will help you choose the better and good security cameras and other informative blogs.

Why should we protect the garage of our house?

The garage is the second gateway to our house, and we also know that most of the house is interlinked with the garage. We should protect our garage by keeping the main thing in mind, and that is if anyone succeeds in breaking the garage, it means he succeeds in entering the house. There are many ways in which we can keep our garage safe and secure in the following ways-

  • Always use old fashioned doors

We should open old fashioned doors because they are hard to break. Many people are using automatic doors, which can be a break in minutes. Old fashioned doors are so heavy to push and so hard to break as it contains old-style lock system. Many thieves are master in breaking locks of the doors, but they are only limited to the new-fashioned locks. Old locks are none of their cup of tea.

  • Keep the key with you

Many people keep their garage keys in the letterbox or in their cars, which makes them easy to break in. You should carry the key with you inside the house so that it cannot get in the wrong hands of the thieves. If you want to protect your vehicle inside your garage or your home, then do not repeat any kind of careless mistakes. These mistakes are the direct invitation to the thieves.

  • You can install some extra locks in it

There are many types of locks that can be installed and hidden secretly. It is buried so that the thief cannot break that lock, and thus, your garage will be safe. There are many other things you can do, like you can let your dog sleep in the garage. If anyone succeeds in breaking the door will have to face the dog. The dog will never let thief rob your things.

  • Privacy

Do not use glass windows on the garage walls. A thief will definitely try to enter your garages if he has seen things from the windows. Always keep your window painted with some dark color so that the thief cannot see the items placed inside the garage. There are many other things to be taken care of in case of privacy.

  • Increases the security

You can install some home security service like an alarm, which will let you know when someone will try to enter the garage. The signal can do various things for you like it can call police automatically without even letting you know. The signal can alert people or neighbors around that garage.

In a nutshell, I want to conclude by saying that we should keep our garage protected as it is directly interlinked to our house. We should install every possible security features in it so that no one can break in the garage or our home without even letting us know.