Hgh Side Effects Side Effects Of Hgh – Check about the side-effects 

Human growth hormone supplement is used by deficient individuals in past but now a days there is an increase in intake of HGH supplements by athletes, elderly people and aging baby boomers attempting to hold back ravages of time. The most of the side effects of HGH supplements are dose dependent- excess of intake of HGH supplements. We should know the normal level of dose of HGH. It means we should know the HGH level for a specific age so that we don’t get overdosed. Every individual has a age which specifies the amount of HGH we need to increase at a level so we must consider that aspect. In this case doctor suggests to bring the body back to normal level of HGH to lessen the side effects so there is no more damage.

For children and adults who are deficient in HGH have no risk in taking HGH because it increases the HGH level in blood to the specific amount and side effects are rarely found. But the adults and older who have HGH at a normal level obviously this raises the HGH level above normal level by artificially creating a condition of HGH excess. These individuals are on a greater side of side effects by human growth hormone

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The syndrome seen in adults whose pituitary glands produce more HGH is called acromegaly. In this the face muscles grow in large amount which causes face to look big and heavy. The muscles tend to weaken and abnormalities of the peripheral nerves. There are many more problems like heart, high blood pressure. Sometimes these problems are irreversible and damage can be serious. There are some steroids used by athletes to increase HGH like anabolic steroids which are long lasting. In men these side effects are :

Reduced sperm count Impotency Shrinking of testicles Difficulty or pain while urinating Swelling of chest tissues

In women these are facial hair growth, deepened voice, breast reduction, menstrual cycle changes due to anabolic steroids. These side effects are internal more than external.

Some of other side effects encountered in youth are joint pain, excess fluid retention e.i edema or water retention and carpal tunnel syndrome in which nerves damage affecting hands, wrist and arms.

HGH has not so much side effects like anabolic but still these minor side effects are dangerous for common man and HGH can not be detected in blood by the test unlike in anabolic steroids. While the Food and Drug Administration approves of using HGH supplements only to the deficient people but not to each and everyone. It does not stand with those people who take HGH for anti-aging and athletic reasons. HGH is much easier to absorb without the need to inject.

By adjusting the dose of HGH supplements can be used to remove these side effects as there are for short duration and have a mild effect. Doctors also suggest to reduce the intake of human growth hormone supplement so that no more side effects take place.