How To Build Muscle On The Thighs And Legs

Most people conceive that looking physically attractive is all about having a toned upper body and abdomen. But the thighs and the legs are also as important as any other major muscle group of your upper body. They need to be worked out regularly to get in shape and they give your body a complete look and are essential for making your core stronger and shapely.

You should not forget that your entire upper body rests upon your legs and the thigh. The leg and thigh muscles play an important part in helping you balance your torso. Your thighs and legs need to look toned and shapely to make you look attractive in a holistic sense. So let us try to learn more about the workout plans for our thighs and legs and get going. Whereas, for full-body workout plans, you should check out

4 Tips To Build Muscle On The Thighs And Legs

Workout Regime

A workout schedule needs to be developed for training your thighs and legs and then you need to focus on that thoroughly. It needs to be remembered that our thigh and leg muscles are capable enough of handling heavier weights compared to our other muscle groups. So you can always add to the resistance with heavier weights and a greater number of repetitions. Weight training should also be accompanied by a number of free-hand exercises. You can also go for cycling as that helps you tone up the thigh muscles and enhances your endurance. Swimming is also very effective in shaping your leg and thigh muscles as you use the resistance provided by the water to work out your legs.


You can start with weightless training for your legs and thighs. Start with squats minus the weights. All you need to do is put your arms behind your head, get your shoulders and feet to align and then perform squats maintaining a nice erect posture. You can take the aid of a medicine ball for added support and maintaining the proper posture. Then move on to sitting leg raises and scissor kicks that help you develop strength in the thighs. For your calf muscles, you need to do some standing calf raises where you try lifting your body in a standing position with the help of your calf muscles only. Feel the stretch and burn on the calf and you know that you are doing it right.

Weight Training

Once you are done with the free-hand exercises, you can move on to adding weights to your training for that extra resistance. With the availability of gym equipment, you can go through all the above-mentioned exercises with the aid of weights. The weighted squats, the leg press, the leg raise, and the hamstring curls can be performed with the weights. Adding weights make your workout tougher but the results will be evident in a shorter span of time.


Make sure that you rest your muscles adequately after training. Leg and thigh muscles are one of the most frequently used muscle groups in our body. So make sure that after a session of heavy training, the muscles are allowed to recuperate with added rest periods. Drink lots of water to keep the cramps away.