How to Capitalize on the Thriving Weight Loss and Fitness Industry Without Getting Certified as a Personal Trainer

The fitness and weight loss industry is thriving as people across the country are seeking ways to curb obesity and improve their quality of life. It seems like everywhere you turn there is a new gadget, diet pill or program waiting to be tried and people buy them, often finding they don’t work or sometimes will lack the motivation to use them. The next thing you know they are purchasing another new gadget, pill or program with hopes of the next one being better than the first.

People join their local gyms and find themselves paying for a membership they do not use, or finding they are not getting the results they had hoped for after working and sweating for hours at a time nearly every night. Then there is the required commute to and from the gym, having to take care of the kids during the time away, and it becomes a complicated mess for many who had good intentions and high hopes.

Combine the driving need for millions of people to improve their level of fitness, and the desire for millions more to become more independent and work from home within their own business, and you have an excellent formula for success in the fitness industry as an Independent Team Beachbody Coach.

Team Beachbody offers a growing number of home fitness programs that are designed to guide people down the right path to a healthy future. They offer programs for children and the older folks and everyone in between. Their programs range from 30 minute programs that are completed 3 days a week with Shakeology®, to nightly workouts of 10 minutes with the 10-Minute Trainer® and hour long workouts with P90X®. Slim In 6® offers a six week program, and then there is Insanity® with a 60 day program and P90X® with a 90 day program. Many of these programs offer meal planning, and you also have access to the online gym where you get motivational help from peers, and your coach. These are only a few of the programs you could represent as an Independent Team Beachbody Coach.

You should also try to recommend some of the reputable and high quality weight loss supplements such as resurge to your clients. This will help them to maintain their diet and have energy to do workouts regularly.

As an Independent Team Beachbody Coach you could help people find some of the best home fitness programs available, show them the benefits of the on-line gym where motivational help and answers to fitness and diet questions are only a few mouse clicks away, and lead them to important nutritionals that can help them achieve a better quality of life. You will also be offering fitness accessories like resistance bands, heart rate monitors, and chin up bars.

Team Beachbody gives you the support you need with detailed guidance for coaches, training videos, and an online back office to help monitor your business. You are also provided with websites for people to visit with detailed product information. You get a site exclusively for Shakeology®, a site for signing up new coaches, and a site with links to offered products, the online gym, and to become a coach, all which benefit you and your business.

The best part is that you can become a coach and get your websites with less than a $40.00 initial investment, and the maintenance fee for your websites are less than $15.00/month after that.

There are various levels to attain as a coach, each offering different levels of benefits, but to collect commissions your only requirement is to maintain 50 PV each month which can be accomplished with about $50.00 worth of product usage. This makes you an “Active” coach.