How To Lose Weight Efficiently In A Lifetime

2010 showed a continuation of my weight loss success begun in 2009. With over 65 total pounds lost, I am finally within a healthy weight range. However, I would feel better and improve my overall health if I lose 15 more pounds. For 2011, I will continue and build on my theme of the weigh less for life diet plan.

The Weigh Less for Life Diet Plan. You’ve probably never heard of the “weigh less for life” diet plan. That’s because it’s my own personal way to lose weight that has been working for me. There is no official plan and I had to think of something to call it. My goal was to make small, lifestyle changes that would not only help me to lose weight, but to keep it off for the long term.

This is helpful even if you undergo fat reduction treatments. Those procedures, such as the coolsculpting, only reduce existing ats. Fats may go back if you do nothing. But it’s wise to talk with experts if you have some questions about CoolSculpting and belly today, and to see which diet fits you after the treatment.

The problem with many diets is that they are for the short term. You go on a plan, lose weight, then stop the diet. If you go back to your previous lifestyle, you risk not only gaining the weight back that you lost, but in some case you can gain back even more weight.

How the Weigh Less for Life Diet Plan Started. In 2009, as the scale neared the 200 pound mark and I reached maximum density, I realized I had to do something about my ever-increasing weight. I appeared at least 20 pounds lighter to most people, but only because I have a high muscle content. Muscle weighs more than fat and takes up less room on the body.

As mentioned about, some diets can cause you to gain the weight back when you stop using them. To avoid the risks of yo-yo dieting, I was determined to lose weight in my own way to figure out what works best for me in a way that would help me to lose the pounds permanently.

How I Used the Weigh Less for Life Diet Plan. My first step was to examine my eating habits. I found there were many food choices I was making that did nothing positive for my body. I made a list of things I wanted to change, then gave myself time to change these issues one at a time. Although I wanted the weight loss “now”, I knew that to keep the weight off and stay healthy I had to lose the weight slowly.

So one at a time I made some changes. Although never a big soda drinker, I gave that up first. Then I reduced my intake of convenience snack foods. After that I stopped second helpings at mealtime. Then I reduced my plate size so I could eat less with a “whole plate of food”. The next step was to fill half of my plate with vegetables and use the other half for smaller portions and nutritionally balanced foods. 65 pounds lighter and I feel great.

Continuing and Building Upon the Weigh Less for Life Diet Plan. Once I lost the weight, I have allowed myself more concessions, especially in the way of fast food $1 burgers and convenience snacks. I not only stopped losing weight, but gained back 8 pounds. At least it has stopped there. My first step for 2011 is to cut out those burgers and reduce the convenience snacks again.

New efforts I will try this year to lose that last 15 pounds include getting back into exercise. As this will increase my hunger as I burn more calories, I will add natural whole foods as healthy, low-calorie snacks. I will also find more ways to reduce stress, since stress can increase fat inside the body and can’t always be seen, but can be weighed. I will also go to my doctor to find out how to sleep better, as getting more, restful sleep can help with weight loss efforts.

Make Your Own Weigh Less for Life Plan. Other diet plans can take a one-size-fits-all approach. The weigh less for life diet plan is one where you make your own small, lifestyle changes for permanent weight loss. Changes should be made slowly and one at a time for the best chance of success.

Some of my techniques may work for you and you can build upon them to make your own plan. You may find weight loss more rewarding when you are in charge of the changes you make. Make 2011 the year you’ll begin losing that weight with your own plan so you can weigh less…for life.