How to Transfer Ownership of a Fortnite Account Safely

Fortnite has become one of the most popular video games in recent times, with millions of players across the globe. It is no surprise then that some gamers want to transfer their accounts to another user or sell them for real-life money. But how do you safely go about transferring ownership of a Fortnite account? This article will serve as your guide on how to transfer ownership of a Fortnite account safely and securely.

What you need to know before transferring your account

Before proceeding with the process, there are a few things you need to be aware of before transferring ownership of your Fortnite account.  First and foremost, Epic Games does not allow players to transfer any virtual items from an account. This includes V-Bucks, skins, pickaxes, emotes, gliders, backblings, and other items earned through gameplay or purchased from the Item Shop. Therefore, if you wish to purchase or trade these items as part of your overall transaction, you must include them in your agreement with the buyer/seller at the outset, so that both parties are aware that they cannot be transferred once the sale has been completed.  It’s also important to note that Epic Games does not assist in facilitating transfers between two players, so all transactions must be completed independently, without any involvement from Epic Games.


What are the different ways to transfer ownership of a Fortnite account?

When it comes to transferring ownership of a Fortnite account, there are several different methods available, depending on what works best for both parties involved in the sale/trade: 

1) Direct email exchange: 

This method involves both parties directly exchanging email addresses, allowing each player to access their respective accounts by logging into the email address associated with the account being transferred from (incoming player) to (outgoing player). This option requires less trust than other methods, as only one party needs access at a time. However, it can take longer as emails may need to be manually exchanged between the two parties; also, this method does not work for console users as emails can only be used for PC versions of Fortnite.  

2) Password/Login exchange: 

In this method, both sides directly exchange passwords or logins, allowing each player to access their respective accounts by logging in with the details provided by either the incoming or outgoing player (depending on who wants access first). This option requires more trust than a direct email exchange, as both parties need full access at all times; however, it is much faster than a direct email exchange, as there are no restrictions like an email when using console versions of Fortnite. 

3) Two-factor authentication exchange: 

In this method, both parties share two-factor authentication codes that provide an extra layer of security when accessing an account using the credentials shared above (password/login exchange). This option requires even more trust than password/login exchange but provides greater security as it requires additional steps such as verifying phone numbers before providing access codes, etc., making it more difficult for someone else to access your account without authorization, whether they know the login details or not.  

4) Black Knight Fortnite accounts: 

These dedicated accounts are created specifically for trading purposes and have been vetted by Epic Games itself, ensuring security when trading between multiple players, including yourself if necessary! That being said, Black Knight Fortnite accounts come with an additional cost but offer better quality control measures such as banning features against scammers, etc, making them worth considering if you’re looking at long-term investments/trading with multiple people over time(s).  

What is the best option for transferring ownership of a Fortnite account? 

The best option really depends on what suits both parties involved, in terms of the risk taken and the convenience sought when exchanging information (ie password vs direct email, etc). Ultimately though, it’s recommended to stick with either ‘Two Factor Authentication Exchange’ OR ‘Black Knight Fortnite Accounts’, especially if you’re looking at long-term investments/trades down the road, as these options offer a higher level of security against potential scammers/hackers, etc.  

What steps do I need to take after transferring ownership of my account? 

Once ownership has been successfully transferred between two players, it is important to take steps to ensure that the new owner doesn’t suffer the same fate as the old owner, e.g. losing all progress due to hacker attack(s). Therefore, the following steps should be taken after a successful transaction:  

1) Change password & login details 

Firstly change login details immediately to prevent unauthorized access to the previous owner’s data i.e. username/password combinations etc., thereby giving the new owner peace of mind while playing the game in the future knowing full well that can’t be easily hacked unlike before!        

2) Enable Two-Factor Authentication 

Secondly, enabling two-factor authentication provides another layer of protection, preventing unwanted third-party access despite knowing current usernames/passwords already in place. So worth setting up straight away to protect yourself & the new owner alike!       

3) Be aware of scam attempts 

Finally, always be aware of scam attempts, especially those coming via messages sent within the game itself, e.g. phishing links trying to steal personal information, etc.

So pay extra attention to such messages, avoid clicking suspicious links, and meet people outside the game offering free stuff which could actually end up costing you a lot more money in the end!      


Transferring ownership of a Fortnite account safely and securely isn’t a difficult task as long as you understand a few rules, play fair, and follow them closely throughout the entire process from starting point to the completion stage(s)! Moreover, using the right methods combined with enabling two-factor authentication along with remaining vigilant against fraud attempts ensures a smooth transition while protecting the interests of all parties involved minimizing risks to everyone along the way too!