Where You Can Play Fortnite Game?

With the release of Fortnite:

Battle Royale for PS4, Xbox One and Windows 10, and a couple of months after it launched on Nintendo Switch, you’ve probably heard about its cross-platform play. You might be wondering how to get Fortnite working with your other console.

While there are ways to access this feature on your PC or Mac, most people will want to know what to do if they’re using one of Sony’s consoles like the PS4 or an Xbox console like the Xbox One. It’s simple, but it does require some work in the console settings. 

You need to have two Fortnite accounts set up in order to use cross-play between them – so if you only have one account you can still enjoy the game while playing on your Nintendo Switch. 

How to enable cross-play on PS4, Xbox One or Switch

To make sure your games play nice together, you first need to make sure you’ve got two separate Fortnite accounts set up. You can then switch from one account to another in the settings menu. 

If you haven’t already, download and install the Fortnite launcher onto your console. It should open automatically when you launch the game.

Once inside the Fortnite launcher, tap ‘Settings’ from the bottom right corner. If you don’t see anything here, scroll down until you see ‘Add Game’. Tap that to bring up the list of games you can add to the launcher.

Scroll through the list until you find the Fortnite icon, select it and tap the options button next to ‘Play Together’ (you may not need to click this button).

A new window will pop up asking you to confirm that you want to connect your second account. Tap ‘Confirm’ to start connecting both accounts. 

Now you just need to wait for each of your accounts to sync together. This process takes a few minutes, depending on your internet speed.

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When one of your accounts is ready, you’ll see it appear in the main list of games in the launcher. Hit ‘Select’ to choose which one you want to use at any given time. 

All you need to do now is go back into the console settings and look for the option that says ‘Choose Your Account’. You’ll see all of your connected devices listed here, so pick the one you want to use and enter the PIN code for that device. 

That’s it! Now you can play against players from other platforms in Fortnite: Battle Royale. 

What’s the difference between cross-play and cross-progression?

One important thing to note here is that, as far as we know, cross-progression doesn’t actually let you play cross-platform. It means your progress won’t carry over between platforms, which is why it’s called that. 

On top of that, even though you can join a match on a different platform, that doesn’t mean you can chat with anyone else who’s joined the same match. That’s because you need two Fortnite accounts set up to be able to communicate with each other in real life.

In short, cross-play allows you to play with players across different platforms, but it only lets you play with players who have also enabled cross-play themselves. That’s not to say you can’t play with people who aren’t cross-playing too – it’s just more difficult than if everyone was playing cross-play.

The good news here is that the game has been designed to support cross-play. So, even if someone isn’t currently enabling cross-play, they can still take advantage of it later.

Is cross-play available on mobile?

No. Although you can play Fortnite:

Battle Royale on an iPhone or Android phone, you’re limited to single-player matches. There’s no way to connect with friends on mobile devices yet, although Epic Games has been known to update the game on iOS devices quite regularly.