Reasons Why Your Cat’s Not Using The Litter Box Anymore

Litter boxes are a must for every household who has a cat. This is because cats are known for being clean, hygienic animals, and their waste is also notorious for having a distinctively strong odor to it. Because of this, the litter boxes that are made for cats are designed to cope with all of these negative traits, and there also are several sites like, which we encourage you to go to this web-site to know more information. As a matter of fact, they have an article which talks about the possible reasons why your cat may no longer be using the litter box you gave to them, which can be an issue for several obvious reasons. What are some of the reasons why?

It’s not the same Box

Anything that’s unfamiliar to the cat can cause them to be confused. With that said, giving them a new box might shock them to the point that they would not want to make use of the box that was intended for them anymore. It’s either the main box itself, or the litter that gets changed. To cope with this, you may make use of a Litter Attractant to get them to use the said litter box. If you’re using a new litter, don’t do so on a sudden basis. Change the litter gradually, adding less of the old one and more of the new one with every change. Also, the cat may feel threatened about not having the same smell of the place. As time goes by, however, they will end up getting used to it.

Your Cat is getting Bullied

If you own several cats in your home, then there is a high likelihood that some form of “powerplay” is going to take place. What you can do is to prepare multiple boxes for your cats. It’s not necessary that it’s a one-to-one correspondence between the number of cats and the number of people. This is because some cats are just okay with them sharing the litter boxes with other cats. Check on your cats first. If one of them does not want to use the litter box, and if it’s apparent that he or she is being bullied by others, then it’s definitely time to get a new one.

Your Pet is Sick

Some illnesses that cats can deal with can make it difficult for them to do the typical tasks. These include urinating and defecating in the litter box. Sometimes, diarrhea may be too severe that your cat can end up pooping where they are. There also are other issues like stones and constipation if you’re surprised to not see your cat making use of the litter box. Check their temperature, and check to see whether they still eat their meals. If this is no longer the case, then it is definitely time to go and have them checked by their veterinarian and that they be treated promptly.